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Lost my windows 8 pro install CD!!!

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    There are no retail full install versions of Win8 except for system builder software (or those obtained via Technet or MSDN--which are not retail versions). However, upgrade versions definitely do clean (i.e., in effect full) installs (and reinstalls), and I think that they are designed to do so, but that is debatable. Please see Clean Install with Windows 8 Upgrade. Also, see this note in Clean Install - Windows 8.

    "If you wanted to do a clean install with Windows 8 upgrade media, then see the tutorial below first.

    How to Do a Clean Install with Windows 8 Upgrade

    I don't remember if you see the "Custom (Install ....) screen when using an upgrade version, but no matter.

    As said, in essence, before, I agree with the rest of what you said. I have not bought a retail upgrade version from a brick and mortar store (or online version of one); so I have never tried a related product key on the site in question either. I did purchase the "same" discs when I upgraded online. The product key pertinent to my upgrade (and the discs) works on the site. So, originally, I thought the same would hold for brick and mortar purchased retail upgrades. We agree that that may not be the case after all.
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    Yes, you are correct, it looks like full versions are OEM only. That's all I see on Newegg anyway. That wouldn't stop me from buying one and using it on my own home built PC though. I had thought that there would be full Retail versions out there buy now but Microsoft must have other ideas? I can't speak for that upgrade download but its been Microsoft's practice in the past to check for a qualifying OS when installing with an upgrade version. That upgrade download may bypass that check during the install, I believe it checks for the qualifying OS as part of the download so maybe that is good enough. Either way you can do a clean install with it if you want. Doesn't help the OP though. There are no Digital River download links for Windows 8 and Microsoft isn't offering up the ISO's either. The best you can do is likely download one off of bit-torrent and verify the MD5 against what Microsoft says it should be.
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    The only MS check occurs when using the procedures described here: Windows 8 Upgrade Assistant - Download and Run. Regardless, in some cases, especially when reinstalling Win8, activation requires use of the refresh procedure described here: Clean Install with Windows 8 Upgrade.
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    Hello all. Just to inject as informational > I bought my OEM 8 Pro via Newegg back in February. I just live chatted with MS online store. They said it does not show stand-alone versions as of yet and cannot order online, however, they do carry stand-alone editions via telephone. Microsoft Store Sales and Customer Support: 1-877-696-7786
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    By "stand alone," are you referring to Win8 system-builder software or Win8 full-install retail software (or something else)?
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    I know they stated regular and Pro stand alone editions, both 32 & 64 bit, but didn't clarify if they were system builders. I live chatted with them online. They give the option of emailing the conversations of which I filled out my email address to do so, but I must not have pressed the send button for I didn't get the email. Ugh! Live chat is not working right now. I'll have to redo when I get time and they're open to ask more questions to be sure. I don't want to mislead anyone.
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Lost my windows 8 pro install CD!!!
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