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Metro Apps not Opening

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    Windows 8 Dev. Preview

    Metro Apps not Opening

    Hi, I have installed the Dev Preview on my 10" MSI Wind U100 Netbook (converted into a tablet). The apps in the Metro UI do not open when I click them, and the "News" tile is not animated as it should be. The only tiles I can click on are the Desktop, Control Panel, and non-preinstalled Windows 7 applications like OpenOffice.

    I asked this question on a blog, and got a response saying "Make sure your resolution is set to it's highest setting. Sometimes it starts out at 800x600 and metro doesn't work in that resolution." In the Control Panel, it detects the display as "Generic Non-PnP Monitor" and has a greyed out resolution of 800x600. Although I'm pretty sure the desktop is displaying at 1024x600 (my LCD resolution), Metro could be opening at 800x600 (it's hard to tell).

    Any ideas what could be causing this and why my Control Panel won't let me change resolution? Any comments are greatly appreciated.

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    Well, the problem is your resolution is too low. It says Generic Non-PnP Monitor because it doesn't have drivers. If you find drivers, everything should start working.
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    windows 8 Developer Preview

    have you installed your Graphic card driver yet?
    Although windows can dectect your graphic but i noticed you should install correctly Graphic driver for your PC.
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    Windows 8 Dev. Preview

    Thanks guys. Apparently Metro requires a resolution of 1024x768 pixels, though most netbooks only have 1024x600 pixels. I installed this graphics driver and am now Metro works perfectly...

    Driver update kind of brings higher resolutions to netbooks higher resolution - Liliputing

    ...Except that now my touch screen won't calibrate properly, probably because of this awkward resolution.
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Metro Apps not Opening
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