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So in order to access DISKPART i need to do it through my Windows 7 installer disc? Why must I do this through the command line instead of using the screen in the 7 installation that allows me to delete partitions? Sorry if these are dumb questions, i've been out of the tech world for awhile and have no idea whats going with Win 8. Also is it necessary to make a System Reserved partition?
There are options here. What I suggested is something of an overkill. So, what Saltgrass and theog say is good too. I would want to end up having no partitions/only unallocated space before installing 8 via the Acer "recovery disc."

I am getting confused. Why would you need to create a system reserved partition? Seems to me the Acer recovery disc should take care of everything once your drive is ready to go. Note that I have had no experience with an Acer recovery disc.