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Help! Windows 8 sucks :(

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    Help! Windows 8 sucks :(

    Hi there all of you It people...

    I am just a simple normal girl who hardly tries to figure out how this shitty Windows 8 is working... I cant beleive I bought this crap!

    I hope somebody wants to help, since Windows charges 500 kr to help.

    My question is: When I go on the start page, there is an app called Mail (outloook), How can manage to log out of it, so nobody who walks by my laptop can get acces to my mail. Right now its easy to acces since its open, and there is no way to log out of it.

    Thats just 1 issue.. I have headeachs using Windows 8

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    you can always unpin the mail app. No one will notice it.
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    Run mouse pointer too top right-hand corner (left-click) then (right-click) close…
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    Thanks you two...

    But I called a IT supporter from Microsoft today and he said it was possible to Lock the Outlook mail on the start page..
    But he wanted me to pay 540 kr for it.. thats to much!!!

    I now how to delete the app and I also now how to close it... But my concern is why its not possible to use login options for my Outlook on the mail app? On the other apps I have , you can use log in options.

    Also why does Windows 8 not have Control panel?
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    Unpin does that mean delete the app?
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    The unpin you mean is the one on the blue line on the left buttom - is is not doing anything actually
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    I just unpined it -- where did it go?
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    (Windows key + X) brings up a menu bottom left corner to select [Control Panel]
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    Thank you very much. And do you think in control panel from there perhaps its possible to change the setting for Mail App ?
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    Wouldn't use the mail app or any other metro apps--those on the start screen. Use the desktop like you did in your prior version of Windows. Get Star Dock Start 8 or another start menu program for use on the desktop. Win8 has no desktop start menu.
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Help! Windows 8 sucks :(
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