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Windows 8 Failure to Reinstall/Hard Drive Locked

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    Windows 8 Failure to Reinstall/Hard Drive Locked

    Hi all,
    I am relatively new to this forum, but I need some help figuring out this issue with my PC. In short, I cannot reinstall either Windows 8 or 7 from a new disk. I can't do the Windows 8 refresh, nor can I do the restore. I have looked at other forums, and nothing has seemed to work. Any help whatsoever would be greatly appreciated.

    If you'd like to know what exactly has happened, I will outline my story.
    1. Using the Windows Upgrade Assistant, I upgraded to Windows 8 from Windows 7 a month ago.
    2. My performance on various programs diminished.
    3. In an attempt to solve the situation, I tried to reinstall Windows from the Reinstall CD. I was able to get to the point where is asked for a partition to install on, but it said no partitions were available.
    4. I tried the Windows Refresh, and Reset tool. That failed because it asked for install media, and said the drive was locked. That is where I am now
    NOTE: I can still boot up into Windows 8 even though the reinstall disk claims that the disk is locked.


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    If you have a spare 2.5" HDD or SSD just lying around what you could do is replace the one in the Laptop then using your install disk reinstall whatever OS you want (win 7 or 8). . . Good luck

    And, oh, BTW "Welcome To The Eight Forums." . . .
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    Do you think a simple reformat would work?
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    I think you need a full format to your HDD. For this follow these steps:-

    1) Insert your Windows Installation DVD

    2) Boot From It

    3) When It starts the installation process Click on "Repair My Computer"

    4) When it reaches the recover menu click on "Command Prompt".

    5) Now In Command Prompt Type

    format c: /fs:NTFS

    (Here C: is your Drive letter)

    6) When It finishes Return back and try to do do a clean installation.

    I hope that it will help. If it doesn't help then you can try to install Windows XP on your HDD because
    Windows XP doesn't stops installation though you have any type of error on your HDD.

    Best Of Luck....

    If you want to know more about How To Format C: from recovery console then go to this link:-
    How To Format C From Recovery Console
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Windows 8 Failure to Reinstall/Hard Drive Locked
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