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How did you setup your Win 8 install?

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  • On a seperate test machine

    56 10.07%
  • As a Virtual Machine (VM) guest OS

    55 9.89%
  • Dual boot

    190 34.17%
  • As your main OS on your primary machine

    249 44.78%
  • On a tablet device

    6 1.08%
  1. #61

    Posts : 584
    Windows 8 Dev Preview x64

    Installed as primary on my laptop with a USB. The USB was a few megabytes short so I had to duplicate Segoe a few times and replicate the other fonts with it... But the installer still worked!
    Yeah, that was a big step to make it my primary OS... It's working fine though. :-)

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    Posts : 2
    Windows 7/Linux 11.04

    I will be installing it as a dual boot, when it is finished downloading.
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    Appelhülsen Germany
    Posts : 189
    Windows 7 and Windows Developer Dual efi boot

    Installed as primary on my desktop, I wanted to dual boot but the installation onto my Vertex2 was just to difficult and it quickly changed my mind lol
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    Posts : 135
    XP, Win7, Win8_Eval

    I have a free primary partition for installing different Windows versions (and Linux-likes).
    Made the partition active and used USB to install 32-bit W8DP there. No problems.

    All relevant boot config files for W8 are on this partition. If I want to get rid of W8DP - just would delete the partition.
    The first partition is still holding the original boot files. So making first partition active will give me my old setup.
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  5. #65

    I had no money to buy windows 7 and I didn't feel like installing linux, so i installed windows 8 64- bit as my primary... For now...
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    Posts : 4
    Windows 8

    I set mine up on an experimental machine quad boot (Windows 8, Ubuntu, Fedora and Sabayon) Used Terabyteunlimted Boot IT Bare metal as boot manager - HIHGLY RECOMMEND Check it!C
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    Posts : 142
    Windows 8 Enterprise 64-bit (7 Ult, Vista & XP in V-Box)

    I tried it on my Acer 5735 laptop, and it ran very well, but I didn't want to use it as my main OS.

    So, I installed it on my desktop machine ( An Acer SA10 2.4 Ghz P4HT with 1GB RAM and a GeForce
    5700 256MB graphics card, SB Live! sound, 80GB Maxtor 7500rpm hard-disk). It runs as well as Win
    7 does on the same machine, and they both beat Vista hands-down (again on the same machine).

    Aero works fine, and Win 8 is perfectly useable, even on older machines like this. IE10 is OK, basically
    an update of IE9.

    Over-all, I like Win 8 so far, it seems to be basically a tweaked version of Win 7 under the hood.

    HATE that new Start Menu, tho. Not that it matters, Quick-launch is still there:-)

    It's NOT very stable, though, so am waiting with bated breath for the beta.

    BTW, has anyone else had problems installing Win 8 into VirtualBox? Mine simply WON'T.
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    Tropical Island Pair a Dice
    Posts : 3,030
    Windows 8.1 Pro x64/ Windows 7 Ult x64

    No, installed easily on VB.
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  9. #69

    I originally was attempting to dual boot it along with Win 7 (maybe even Ubuntu), but the particular ISO I had was corrupted, so I used the ISO from my desktop computer. I ended up doing a single primary OS install. This one was successful. I almost reverted back because I couldn't connect to the Universities Wifi, but after updating the OS and drivers I was able to so it is a keep.
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    Posts : 68
    XP64, W7x64, W8x64, 2k8r2, Lucid(server) + a few others

    First install was yesterday on my main machine (Dell T5500 2x W5580 CPUs, 48GB RAM, W7x64) running VMware Workstation 8.0 (no issues, great OS, etc.) Virtual W8 Build has 4-cores with 12GB RAM. Seems pretty cool - I cut out all the crap so it looks identical to W7 except the login screen.

    Running 65 instances of W8 VM's on ESXi 5.0 on a quad-node high availability cluster... Seems fine so far. Need to sort out a few bugs with migration & failover but pretty good.

    Having a bunch of issues installing on Xen Hypervisor (XCP). Device passthrough isn't working, OS freezes, etc. idk wtf is up with that. W7 is fine so W8 should work??

    I have been unable (due to driver issue) to perform a clean install on any of my machines - I think its my RAID cards but I'm not sure...

    W8 changes:

    I disabled that aero screen
    use the start menu
    adjust for best performance in the advanced settings
    turn off & disable Themes
    removed a bunch of crap in add/remove windows features
    added custom HDD encryption keys - having issues with that
    having trouble getting full functionality from PuTTy and can't get XP's HyperTerminal working properly

    It looks exactly like W7 - I can't really tell the difference. All ~100 or so instances I've built & am testing are identical.
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How did you setup your Win 8 install?
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