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How did you setup your Win 8 install?

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  • On a seperate test machine

    56 10.07%
  • As a Virtual Machine (VM) guest OS

    55 9.89%
  • Dual boot

    190 34.17%
  • As your main OS on your primary machine

    249 44.78%
  • On a tablet device

    6 1.08%
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    Central West (near Orange) NSW
    Posts : 300
    8 Pro desk 1 (SB) 7 Home desk 2 (IB) 8 Pro Lap 1

    Quote Originally Posted by ryanandshalon View Post
    please tell me how to get the best of both worlds
    Of what both worlds are we talking Ryan??

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    Posts : 2
    Windows 8.1 with Media Centre

    My route was Win 7 Ultimate, Win 8, Win8.1 Preview, back to Win 8, then 8.1 via the Apps Store.
    After MUCH effort and help mainly from this forum, it is at last working correctly.
    Intel Dual CPU 2.6, 32 bit, 4GB memory home built with a mouse.
    What may be important to some of you is that I have managed to get all of my old applications working correctly eg Nero10 which is meant to be unsupported on 8.1
    File History works!, together with an automated system image backup to a 2nd hard drive.
    Thus Win 8.1 is now a great operating system on this 3 year old computer!
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    Just for the heck of it, I installed Win8 on an Atom Dual core 1.6 GHz 2GB, Atom single core 1.2 GHz 1 GB, and Via Epia 1200 1 GB and works on all of them. Surprise, surprise. Of course I'm not keeping it on them, they are destined for something else but it did work.
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    Posts : 19
    Windows7 / 8 / WHS / WHS 2011

    I installed Windows 8 and 8.1 on HP elite 8000, 8200, lenovo m91, m92, Dell T3500, Acer Extensia 5620. Worked great on all..

    I even installed it into VMs that were single cpu and low memory for tests...

    but my final resting place is on my xmas present from my wife..
    Windows Surface Pro 2 (128gb)...
    nice new i5 quad core with 4 gb ram. So far running everything I use..
    photoshop elements 11, photoshop premiere 11, lightroom 5.3, photomatix.

    I am even running the surface in power save mode and getting 8hrs battery....
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    I set mine up dual boot. Win 8.1 + Ubuntu 12.04 LTS = The best of both worlds.

    If you care to see my setup you can check the thread I posted here. Had some issues after I cloned my HDD to my SSD using various cloning software. It would not boot correctly from USB until I installed the SSD into the laptop. Then it booted right up.

    On my first attempt to setup a dual boot I bricked my system and had to reload. Luckily, I created a copy of my system using Asus backtrack as suggested by someone in the thread above. Many thanks on that tip because it was much easier to reload the OS with all the drivers for my laptop off the USB stick than trying to clone my PC with the HDD again.

    Some great advice from people on here allowed me to get this setup correctly.

    Windows 8.1 definitely blows away Ubuntu 12.04 LTS for touch screen support but at least Ubuntu Unity support it.
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    Posts : 17
    windows 8 and 7

    i got my toshiba C855D satellite laptop with widows 7 home premium OEM installed , it has amd 2core , 4 Gb ram 328 Gb hdd.
    last year begining i installed gentoo linux and windows 8 trpple booting with windows 8 menu screen. last month i installed windows 8.1 also on the same hdd quadrupple booting from widows 8.1 menu.
    i am more happy with windows 8 and ts many features, changed in windows 8.1.but for some games and other programs available only for windows 8.1 i use it too for those added advantages.
    also i use ubuntu-13.10 and ubuntu 14.04 from a usb hdd booted from usb device selected from bios.
    OEM windows 7 i still keep and hdd recovery partition just incase failure.
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    Posts : 25
    WIN8.1/Server 2012 R2/Win 7 Ultimate

    Set it up under VMware to get a handle on it. Just building my new PC. Just some memory to go.
    Once done I will install on a removable SSD drive. Will install Win7 and Server 2012 on two other SSD drives. Thus my PC can be anything it wants to be.
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    Wolves, England
    Posts : 143
    Win7 Pro x64 | Win8.1 Pro x64 VM | Win 10TP x64

    Mine is installed as a guest VM on my Windows 7 machine. I started off with the Enterprise trial to see how close I could get it to 7, and to be honest it had piqued my interest. I decided to purchase a key and make my VM permanent but a generous member on here and the 7 forums furnished me with a Pro licence, so I downloaded 8 Pro and installed that on the VM. Then I upgraded to 8.1 straight away but am having trouble installing Update 1.

    It's ideal for me getting to know the OS and even more ideal for me to manage my Outlook account on a separate OS to my host, I was also lucky enough to land a copy of Office 2013 for 8.95 via the Home Use Program so that's been installed on 8.1 while my 7 install runs Office 2010.
    If this works out to be more useful than I thought I may add a second SSD to my system and migrate my install to that and run a dual boot.
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    Wolves, England
    Posts : 143
    Win7 Pro x64 | Win8.1 Pro x64 VM | Win 10TP x64

    I've now moved my 8.1 install onto my SSD as a dual boot with 7 and things are running like a dream, shame I can't change my vote. Went the route of installing 8, ran all updates and then updated to 8.1. The 8.1 update has installed no problem this time so all's well, and as much as I was anti-8/8.1 for a long time I have to admit it's a damn snappy OS.
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    I had only one primary desktop computer (Acer) with win 7 preinstalled. Installed win 8 from the internet over it. Went well at first. Got random freezes while wachting video's later on. The connection from the box to the monitor is a HDMI one, without sound, that goes via a seperate connection. Disabeling the AMD HDMI (sound) Output did the trick. Then I got these nvstor64 errors, grinding my system almost to a halt. Replaced the nvidia driver with the MS Standard SATA AHCI Controller, and away went this problem. Installed the Classic Shell. I boot direct into the desktop (no need for metro), and presto I've got a better working system then win 7, i.c. win 8.1 pro with media center for I think it was about 50$ (I live in Europe). I'm very satisfied.
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How did you setup your Win 8 install?
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