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Anticipating Dual Boot with Blue with Safety Net

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    Anticipating Dual Boot with Blue with Safety Net

    Let's say I have an OEM preinstalled Windows 8 Pro (installed under UEFI) where all installed software and data are on one partition, and the computer (a laptop) has only one drive. And, let's say I shrink the partition mentioned above leaving unallocated space and do a dual boot with Blue--whatever that turns out to be.

    1. Given the shrunken partition and having installed Blue on the unallocated space, would the restore to factory fresh procedure for Win8 (whatever it is) still likely work properly--without affecting the Blue installation and booting in general?

    Now, assume the procedure no longer would work properly. And, assume that I want to try to use 3rd-party software to image C: (where, say, the Win8 partitions would reside) after installing Blue. What software, if any (i.e., is the procedure likely to work?), would be more likely to allow me to return drive C: to factory fresh--except that the partition mentioned earlier would be shrunken? Paragon (paid)?

    2. Let's say I take a possibly simpler route--obliterating the factory install using system-builder software installed under the personal-use license and installing Blue, again, as a dual boot (still under UEFI). Before doing so, let's say I want to try to prepare to return the whole machine to factory fresh--eliminating both post-OEM installs. Do you think doing so will be possible?

    Assuming what I described is likely to work, what software would likely be best in this regard? Paragon (paid)? As a prelude, I am assuming that I would return the drive to having only unallocated space.

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    Factory restores are machine (of vendor) specific. The few that I have done (for HP desktops) have erased the disk and reinstalled Windows from scratch. Nothing was retained from the previous install or partitions. But, I've heard about others that have been able to restore only the boot partition and the Win7 OS partition, while leaving the other partitions intact. I've also read about situations where folks shrunk their original Win7 partitions (to make room for another OS), and after that, the factory restore would not work.

    So, I don't think we can accurately predict what will happen on your PC if you resize the partitions and then try to do a factory restore.

    Also, since this is a preinstalled Win8 PC, I would expect that there would be a boot partition, as well as the Win7 OS partition.

    As to third-party imaging software, I have used Macrium Reflect for years and never had it fail me. They recently upgraded their software to handle Windows 8. I don't know that any vendor is willing to talk about Blue this early in the game.

    As to restoring the whole drive, MR has the option of doing either partition images, or drive images -- the latter images off all the partitions on the drive without you having to select them. In that case, if you did the second kind of imaging, when you did the restore, it would overwrite the entire drive.
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    Thank you for you reply Mark--and good info. I realized after posting that everything I was thinking about would lead to a great deal of speculation and that not many would try to anticipate the issues that might develop. So, I have not been surprised at my lack of replies.

    To me, a number of things are a bit out of whack in the Windows world these days. But, one of the most frustrating to me is to not know quite what to expect on a number of dimensions if buying an OEM preinstalled Win8 machine (diversity of OEM install "procedures" is a big problem here to me). I am not exactly in the market for one; indeed, I have said that I would never buy one. Still, I think about buying one sometimes because I like to stay pretty much up to date in both the Windows and Mac worlds (and my old HP laptop is nearing the end). So, I guess that what I am up to is waiting for Win8 laptop deals to become better and better (I predict they will) and maybe buying in time to dual boot with Blue--when reasonable betas start to arrive (assuming Blue will have something to do with using computers as I do--the non-metro way).

    I have found very few current machines (laptops specifically) that satisfy even most of my main criteria. The criteria I have in mind, to some extent, are meant to allow a modicum of predictive ability in regard to what to expect restore-wise, if installing system builder, if shrinking a partition, etc., etc. Just for purposes of discussion here are the things I have to have:

    1. Centered trackpad (computer probably could not be bigger than 14"--and many 14's don't qualify;

    2. Single drive (better if SSD, say, 256 GB) (no hybrids or HDD's with "helper" SSD's)

    3. Win8 Pro 64 bit (but can live with Core 64 bit--might try to install system builder 64 bit)

    4. Backlit keyboard

    5. Installed under UEFI (which often is not easy to tell for sure from online data--and who knows what those you talk to in "stores" might or might not know--ask Best Buy employees once; they didn't know there is such a thing as UEFI)

    6. Decent processor speed

    7. At least 4 GB RAM

    8. I'd like to have touch, but don't have to have it (Why want it? It's part of the point of Win8 and probably Blue?)

    If I insist on touch, I have found only one machine that probably satisfies all of my criteria (might get it for a little better price, but not sure). All things considered you'd think it is installed under UEFI. Here's what I have found (no gigabit Ethernet ).

    Newegg: ASUS Zenbook Prime UX31A-DH71 13.3" Ultrabook--$1499.99
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    Since you posted in my thread, I thought I'd reciprocate with another thread that may be of interest. I think at this point all the major players now have the ability to generate recovery disks which don't require you to switch to "legacy".

    Anybody have luck imaging 8 with UEFI, GPT, Secure Boot?
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    Thanks floepie. I think that Paragon and Macrium are the most recommended. I have Acronis 2013; tried it once on non-UEFI, and it did not work well. I abandoned it.
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Anticipating Dual Boot with Blue with Safety Net
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