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Cannot repair/restore Windows 8. Stuck in infinite restart

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    Cannot repair/restore Windows 8. Stuck in infinite restart

    Hi there,

    My computer kept getting blue screened at random intervals or time as well as with different error codes that i don't exactly remember the names of. I decided to remove all the files and completely wipe the computer. When windows was doing this however the system crashed and restarted. Then it continued in a loop of constant restarts.

    I tried to boot windows 8 on the CD and try repair and restore there however each time it said it was invalid. I tried this many times and after a while it started to say "the media inserted is not valid". I also tried to reinstall windows but during the "getting files ready for installation" stage at 46% an error appears.

    It says "Windows installation encountered an unexpected error. Verify that the installation sources are accessible, and restart the installation" I repeated this a few times and the same thing occurs. The error code is 0xC0000005.

    So I'm stuck without a computer and have no idea how to fix it. Any help?

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    You should have filled out your "My System Specs" so we'll have some idea what kind of PC you have to help you better.

    Anyway, from what you've described I suspect that one of the Memory stick is bad since
    1. you get random BSOD's with different error codes.
    2. Install from Windows 8 CD, the executable codes first get loaded into Memory then run and if the Memory is bad, you'll get errors.

    Download Memtest86+ - Advanced Memory Diagnostic Tool, burn it to CD/USB, set BIOS to boot from CD/USB then run the test.

    Good luck !!!
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    Quote Originally Posted by dakaiw View Post
    Hi there,
    The error code is 0xC0000005.

    So I'm stuck without a computer and have no idea how to fix it. Any help?
    that error code is an "access violation" if that helps any, which means a program is accessing memory it's not supposed to (programmer error like a bad pointer or array out of bounds exception). if it's consistent and you have just installed a program that does this, it's a program bug. otherwise it's probably the motherboard, RAM, CPU, or growing bad disk blocks:might be fixable with's spinrite $89.
    a flaky PSU can do this too. if your fans are not spinning or the cpu cooler is clogged with dirt, clean it out, especially the cpu cooler fins. will have to take apart the cpu cooler probably unless it's closed loop water cooler.
    get canned air and tweezers. do this with system unplugged.
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Cannot repair/restore Windows 8. Stuck in infinite restart
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