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Install time

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    windows 8

    Install time

    Hi all sorry if this is the wrong place I'm installing windows 8 from disc how long should it take so far it's been doing it for 3 hours and its only done 24% thanks

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    Clean install anywhere from 15-20 minutes on a SSD to about 30-45 minutes on a mechanical HD some thing could be not going as planned.
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    Microsoft Windows 8 Pro with Media Center 64-bit

    Yeah . something's up.

    8 is the fastest install I have ever done. Cant remember exactly, but I think around 20 mins.
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    Orbiting the Moon
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    20 minutes on hard disk.

    Whatever the specs are, try to copy the DVD/ISO disk to USB stick and install it from there: goes much faster.
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    Server 2012 / 8.0

    Hello Smiler52. Welcome to the EightForums.

    Just for technical fun I just did a clean install and logged all time specs.

    First I imaged my system with acronis then I inserted an 8 pro bootable usb stick (flash / thumb drive).
    Clean install from usb stick to internal ssd to default start screen.

    Timeline: 4:35
    set usb to boot (first boot device) in bios
    clicked saved to bios and boot

    Timeline: 4:36
    boot to enter product key

    Timeline: 4:37
    click next > select custom install > delete all partitions on ssd > click next

    Timeline: 4:38
    screen display "getting files ready for installation" at 15%

    Timeline: 4:39
    screen display "getting files ready for installation" at 36%

    Timeline: 4:40
    screen display "getting files ready for installation" at 70%

    Timeline: 4:42
    screen display "getting files ready for installation" at 100%

    Timeline: 4:43
    automatic restart computer > booting > enter bios and change first boot device to ssd

    rebooting > enter pc name >
    Timeline: 4:44

    enter user name
    system generating welcome screens
    @ default start screen
    Timeline: 4:45

    Total time for clean installation from a usb stick to an internal ssd to default start screen > 10 minutes
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    windows 8

    Thanks this was a clean install its been going around 7 hours and 30 mins its now getting devices ready 8%
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    Quote Originally Posted by smiler52 View Post
    Thanks this was a clean install its been going around 7 hours and 30 mins its now getting devices ready 8%
    I had a USB keyboard with a hub in it plugged in during one of my installs that massively slowed down an install. Once I swapped that keyboard out and restarted the install, everything was done in about 30 minutes. The previous attempts I stopped at like 3 hours twice.
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    windows 8

    Not sure why but the dots keep stopping every now and then
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Install time
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