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Why can't I install Windows 8 normally without using UEFI?

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    Why can't I install Windows 8 normally without using UEFI?

    If you're interested, this is why I posted this thread Windows 8 clean install crashes on first screen

    Side note - I succeeded on installing Windows 8 on that particular laptop using UEFI, but NOT legacy. No matter what I tried it failed.

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    Windows 8 will install as Legacy. The download version does not even support UEFI for an .iso file burned to DVD.

    If you can't install it that way, your bios is set to see only UEFI versions of the install media. Those settings are usually in a CSM or Security setting in the bios. Since OEM bioses seem to have many configurations, it is hard for us to give you definitive guidance as to which settings to change.
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    Windows Store alerts me that there are new updates for installed apps. When I click OK to proceed with the updates, none of them installed successfully after downloading.
    Update Apps Failure Error Codes 0x80246007, 0x80240002, 0x80073cff, etc.I cannot update apps. It returns several error codes. Among them are 0x80246007, 0x80240002, 0x80073cff. I have already tried running scf/scannow, but it didn't find any file errors. Can anyone help me fix this? Thanks in advance!
    1. I have no 3rd party antivirus software installed.
    2. Several apps reach 80-95% before download/install failure.
    when i use app trouble shot it says that
    when i use apps troubleshoot it finds belo
    "check for missing or corrept missing file"
    "display adapter drivers might be out-of-date"

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    Windows 8 - Downgrade Instructions

    Quote Originally Posted by LENOVO
    6.Read the messages on the screen and then select GPT partition style or MBR partition style as you desire. Click Next. ■Note: GPT partition style is selected by default.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Saltgrass View Post
    Windows 8 will install as Legacy. The download version does not even support UEFI for an .iso file burned to DVD.
    Is that true?

    I didn't create a DVD from my downloaded Win8 Pro Upgrade .iso, but I prepared a bootable USB flash drive from the .iso.

    The first attempt used the USB tool from the Microsoft Store. It formatted the flash drive as NTFS, and my Asus motherboard did not permit a uEFI installation from an NTFS drive.

    I manually prepared a FAT32 version (using diskpart). I did a uEFI installation from that. I have no idea whether the FAT32 requirement is standard or peculiar to Asus.

    I haven't burned the .iso to DVD, but I'd be surprised if it could not do a uEFI installation on my system.
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    Quote Originally Posted by bobkn
    Is that true?
    YES, with some downloads, use this tool.
    How to make the ISO the easy way.
    by one of your top app makers SIW2.

    Can't find the option to burn an ISO disk

    UEFI Bootable USB Flash Drive - Create in Windows
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    Why Microsoft why? They should've given us the option to download from a website or something. Let us choose between UEFI or Legacy ISO file to download. We are customer, why should we create the UEFI disc ourselves?

    Damn them for laziness.
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    hmm, on the upgrade that i got for $14.99 which I downloaded and created the iso through windows 7, (i did this on both machines, I purchased 2 liscenses), both machines do not have UEFI, they are older machines and they installed with no problems

    and I have a another copy I just downloaded from micrososft site for a promotion that Microsoft gave me for my Business seminars that i do and it went on a machine that is using legancy boot up and that upgraded just fine also, took about 1 1/2hours to install but all is well. That one I did through Windows 7 Ultimate, it did the download inside Windows 7 and restarted a few times but completed the install just fine.
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Why can't I install Windows 8 normally without using UEFI?
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