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Reinstall Win 8 in UEFI and Acronis Backup

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    Reinstall Win 8 in UEFI and Acronis Backup

    I would like to reinstall Win 8 on my ASRock UEFI motherboard in the UEFI mode. I have Win 7 OEM and the downloaded Win 8 Pro upgrade. I have the Win 8 Pro upgrade burned to an ISO disc. I also have the hard drive backed up to Acronis 2013 and have an Acronis WinPE rescue disc to boot with to restore.

    Several questions. (1) If I convert to UEFI and format the drive to GPT, will Acronis restore to the GPT (from MBR)?
    (2) If Acronis won't restore, will converting to UEFI/GPT affect installing or activating the Win 7 OEM and/or the Win 8 Pro upgrade (I assume I'll have to install Win 7 and then upgrade to Win 8).
    (3) Will a UEFI system read other hard drives that are MBR formatted?


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    I would go here: to the Acronis True Image 2013 forum. Just look for pertinent threads. Acronis can be tricky given the things your are interested in knowing about. I read about them earlier, but now have forgotten most. Just look for threads that seem related to what you want to know; they should be easy to find.
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    Acronis 2013 and have an Acronis WinPE rescue disc to boot with to restore.
    Has Acronis been signed by Microsoft?
    If no.
    I would look for a 3rd party Partitioning,Backup & Cloning software, which fully supports Windows 8, uEFI, GPT & Secure Boot.
    Which is signed by Microsoft.

    Quote Originally Posted by fireberd
    activating the Win 7 OEM and/or the Win 8 Pro upgrade (I assume I'll have to install Win 7 and then upgrade to Win 8).
    Yes, you can do a clean install:
    Clean Install with Windows 8 Upgrade
    If you have a uEFI BIOs:
    UEFI (Unified Extensible Firmware Interface) - Install Windows 8 with
    Than do the Refresh part of above tutorial.

    (3) Will a UEFI system read other hard drives that are MBR formatted?
    YES, it can.
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    Thanks for the info. Acronis 2013 supprts Win 8 (2013 is required for Win 8, older versions will not install on a Win 8 system).
    I posted a thread on the Acronis forum about restoring to a UEFI drive. I've gotten help from the Acronis forum before; my Gigabyte motherboard system had a problem with the Linux version of the Acronis recovery disc and would not always boot correctly and then would not recognize any target drive to restore to. I was told some motherboards had this exact problem and the fix was to create the WinPE/Acronis recovery disc, which fixed my problem.

    I read the info on installing with just the Win 8 upgrade disc. If needed that is the way I will go. Thanks
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    Acronis 2013 and have an Acronis WinPE rescue disc
    What WinPE is Acronis 2013 using?
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    It is WinPE 3.0

    I looked at the files on the WinPE disc and it has a UEFI folder on it so I assume this version is UEFI compatible.
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    If you have secure boot enabled, you would need to disable it to boot Acronis recovery media.
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    I'm going to play around with this system and see what happens. It is not my primary (operational) system so if I have problems or corrupt anything its not a big deal as I do have the Acronis backup and can go back to non-UEFI with the MBR formatted hard drive.

    I should have initially set this system up with UEFI, but not being familiar with UEFI it was set up with MBR formatted hard drive.

    Thanks for all the advice. I'm going to leave this open and not mark it solved for the time being.
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    I ran into a snag. The Win 8 disc I have is an iso created disc from the Win 8 Pro upgrade (the $39 version) that I downloaded. When I select the boot menu, the UEFI option for the optical drive is not available. If I let it load and then try to install it gives me an error that It can't install to a GPT disc. If I load my original Win 7 disc, the UEFI option is available.
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    Use SIW tool to make the ISO.
    How to make the ISO the easy way.
    by one of your top app makers SIW2.

    Can't find the option to burn an ISO disk
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Reinstall Win 8 in UEFI and Acronis Backup
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