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What Files to move to HDD from SSD?

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    What Files to move to HDD from SSD?

    HI All,

    HAve just installed Win 8 Pro to a new SSD and have read that to help with the life that frequent rewritten files and folders should be moved to the HDD, Which ones are they referring to and how would I do this? When they say that frequently used applications should go on the SSD what are some examples? What about games?

    120G SSD (Intel 520)
    320G WD Raptor HDD

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    Don't bother. The # of writes, while limited, will certainly last longer than you are going to want to use your SSD for.

    Put anything you can on the SSD to get the speed benefit. OS, apps and games. Put your storage of stuff on the regular hard drive (like music, movies, ISO's, big zip files, internet downloads, your porn collection). Basically whatever won't really benefit you from the speed increase of the SSD.
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    your porn collection

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    Thanks for the reply, I guess all the fear of the drive not lasting is pretty much bogus then. I read a post on hear about changing user accounts over to the HDD which I assume would make downloads, photos, music, etc. automatically store on the HDD is this correct?
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    People take what they read to extremes and move their user profiles. It's a very very overblown issue. The only people I know who have experienced SSD failures are usually OCZ owners and they have had numerous controller issues in the past.

    So, it's not like this problem does NOT exist, but unless you write like 50GB of data to the drive every single day, every day for years..will you actually fully delete the # of writes you can do. Even with 50GB a day, the drive would likely last 5+ years.
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    To add another observation, I recently migrated both Win7 and Win8 to an SSD, and even with daily usage of both, the SSDLife Pro app estimates that I will have another eleven YEARS of usage before I can expect problems! I certainly expect to replace this SSD long before that 11 years ends.
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What Files to move to HDD from SSD?
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