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Win8 can't see second HD

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    Win8 can't see second HD

    I'm having the most time consuming and frustrating experience of my computer life! Hopefully some kind soul can help.

    My system:
    Brand new Asus CM6870 desktop
    2 TB HD
    16 GB RAM
    Win 8 Core (originally installed by Asus)
    Motherboard; Asus P8H77-M Pro (AMI BIOS 0606)
    Asus did not supply and will not supply original Win 8 media

    I also purchased an OCZ SSD with the intention of moving Win 8 to the SSD. The exisiting HD is installed as a UEFI device and I wanted to install Win 8 on the SSD as an UEFI device too.

    I installed the SSD on port 1 of the SATA III (AHCI). In every win install attempt I had the HD disconnected. When reconnected, it was on SATA III port 2 (AHCI).

    After MANY, MANY attempts, I have Win 8 installed on the SSD and the original Win8 remains on the HD. I was unable to to a UEFI install, so I gave up and did an MBR traditional install. When I boot to the SSD, Windows works but I can't see the HD. When I boot to the HD, Windows works but I can't see the SSD.

    To make a VERY long saga, less long, I attempted the following.....
    - created a recovery drive to use to do a clean install on the SSD - didn't work
    - "found" original Win 8 Core media and used it to install on the SSD. (It worked but it was a MBR install. I tried this many times using both a DVD and a UEFI formatted USB drive using instructions found on this forum)

    Up to this point, any time that Win 8 was installed on the SSD, I could see the HD as a secondary drive. If I booted to the HD, I could see the SSD as a secondary drive.
    - I then tried to clone the system using Paragaon - it couldn't see the SSD
    - I then tried to clone the system using Mini Tool Partition Wizard (as recommended by OCZ) - it proceeded but failed and I got the "Starting Automatic Repair" message that froze the system. After unplugging the SSD, it booted to the HD.
    - Based on posts here and other forums, I read that you could use the Windows 8 Pro upgrade to do a clean install. I bought it and upgraded my HD.
    - The upgrade would not install on the SSD. It would only upgrade so I re-installed Win 8 Core on the SSD and then upgraded to Pro. (I had to add a PID.txt file with my upgrade licence to the upgrade disk.)

    After I did this, I could no longer see the secondary drive regardless of whether I booted to the HD or the SSD.
    - Then I re-installed Win 8 Core on the SSD to see if the Pro upgrade was the issue. - no change

    I looked in Device Manager and I don't see any errors but I don't see the secondary drive.

    I'll attach jpgs of the Device Manager from both the SSD and the HD Win installation"

    The SSD appears as unallocated on the HD Disk Manager even though Win 8 is working on that drive!
    The HD does not appear on the SSD Disk Manager.

    I've worked on so many alternatives over the past week that I feel like I'm going around in circles.

    Can someone point me in the right direction?

    I'll settle for a Win 8 MBR installation on the SSD with access to the secondard HD.
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    How to install Windows 64 bit on a uEFI/BIOS firmware:

    UEFI (Unified Extensible Firmware Interface) - Install Windows 8 with

    Click image for larger version
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    Thank-you theog,

    Part way through my very long process, I did follow your guide but the UEFI installation didn't work. When I got to step 7, it didn't create 4 partitions. It just created 2. I attempted the process about 10 times. I suspected that there was some setting in my BIOS that was preventing success. I couldn't see any potential BIOS changes myself so I called Asus. They couldn't provide any answers either.

    Ultimately I gave up and settled for a MBR installation but that left me where I am now - unable to access the secondary drive.

    I just want to get the MBR installation correct so that I can access the secondary drive and get back to accomplishing work on the computer.
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    1) If the DVD is booted in uEFI mode, the installer will only install in GPT mode.
    If the DVD is booted in non-uEFI mode, the installer will only install in MBR mode.
    Take a look at the screenshot above.

    2) Will the HDD drive show in uEFI/BIOS firmware?
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    Thanks again theog,

    I've made many attempts to install.

    I did format a USB drive as UEFI and moved the ESD files to that drive. It still only did a MBR installation??????

    Yes the HDD is shown as UEFI in the BIOS.

    Oops! I just had another look and think that I did a "stupid". I just let the computer boot from the UEFI UBD drive rather than pressing F8 to choose a boot choice. I'll try again.

    However, in my earlier MBR installations I was able to see the second hard drive but I can't now. Therefore, I suspect that a correct UEFI installation won't fix the problem. I probably screwed up something else and I'll need to fix that.

    Nonetheless, while I'm hopefully awaiting an answer on that issue, I retry the UEFI installation.
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    Remove the SSD, & replace with HDD, will the HDD boot?
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    Quote Originally Posted by theog View Post
    Remove the SSD, & replace with HDD, will the HDD boot?
    Yes. The HDD will boot with or without the SSD connected.

    While waiting an answer, I booted to the HDD, went to Disk Management and deleted the SSD volume, and created a new simple partition.

    Then, I shut down, disconnected the HDD, and reinstalled Win 8 on the SSD. Windows works on the SSD but I still can't see the secondary drive.

    I shut down, and booted to the HDD and - WOW! - I can see the SDD as a secondary drive!

    There's still something amiss.
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    I just attempted another UEFI installation:

    I prepared the UEFI USB (jpg attached)
    I booted to the UEFI USB by pressing F8 at Windows POST
    Reinstalled Win 8

    However, only 2 partitions were created.

    I also looked at Disk Manager to see if the USB was UEFI formatted and it didn't look as though it was. (jpg attached)

    When booted to the HDD, the SSD is still shown as unallocated.
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    For the SSD drive, in Diskpart.

    convert GPT

    Click image for larger version

    Than try a uEFI install from the DVD.
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    Secondary drive working

    My secondary drive access issue is resolved but I'm not certain how it was caused.
    Here's what I think happened....

    HDD can't see SSD
    As originally stated, I made many attempts to install Win 8 on the SSD.
    -on one attempt I booted to the HDD and deleted the partitions on the SSD
    -Win on the HDD recognized the secondary drive as unallocated, therefore it wouldn't show up in File Explorer
    -I shut down, disconnected the HDD and installed Win on the SSD.
    -I shut down, reconnected the HDD.
    -Anytime I booted to Win the the HDD, it still showed the SSD as unallocated and did not show up in File Explorer.
    To fix the problem....
    -I disconnected the SSD and booted to Win on the HDD (of course, the SSD was not seen in Disk Manager but Win was updated to show that there was no secondary drive available)
    -I shut down, reconnected the SSD and rebooted to Win on the HDD. (this caused Win to see the SSD and now realized that it was assigned a drive letter and showed it in File Explorer)
    -Therefore, I belived that Win 8 in the HDD needed to clear it's memory of the unallocated SDD before it could recognize it as active on a subsequent boot.

    SSD can't see the HDD
    I'm not so sure about this one!
    -On every SSD Win installation attempt, the HDD was disconnected.
    -After the installation, I shut down, reconnected the HDD and booted to the SSD. Win should have picked up the HDD as a secondary drive. In my first few installation attempts, it did recognize the HDD. On my latter attempts, it didn't???????
    -On my last Win installation, I was aimlessly thrashing about wishing for magic. I had installed Win 8 Core on the SSD and couldn't see the HDD. I intended to install the Win 8 Pro upgrade but before doing so, I downloaded all the Win updates. After the updates were installed, I could see the secondary HDD!
    This doesn't make sense to me but the only thing that I can rationalize is that one of the Windows updates fixed the issue.
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Win8 can't see second HD
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