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How to format HD to revert from 8 to 7

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    How to format HD to revert from 8 to 7

    Bought a new HP Pavilion with 8 installed, no CD. I,m an old guy and don't have the energy to learn the new OS and have decided to go back to Windows 7. I bought a full OEM version of 7 and am instructed to format the hard drive before inserting the new OS CD. I am having problems formatting the hard drive with out a OS CD to use. Can some one walk me through this situation? Thanks in advance.

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    Downgrade to Windows 7.
    Downgrade Windows 8 to Windows 7
    Warning you must have the uEFI/BIOS firmware setting in Step Three set.
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    If by the "new OS" you mean the tiles-oriented start screen -- then you need to know that you can RETURN your desktop to the Win7 days without having to reinstall Win7. One of the Tiles on the start screen is Desktop, and when you click that, you have an environment very close to what you had in Win7.

    For $5, you can then download and install Start8 from StarDock and even have a Start menu much like you had in Win7 and configure your PC to start automatically in Desktop Mode.

    You should really try this before you abandon Win8 and go through a lot of work to reinstall Win7.
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How to format HD to revert from 8 to 7
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