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Did I #$&^ up 0,1 or both of my PCs? MC upgrade by Jan 31

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    Windows 8.1 Pro with Media Center

    Did I #$&^ up 0,1 or both of my PCs? MC upgrade by Jan 31

    I can't believe it.

    I bought two copies of Win 8 Pro for my 2 PCs the week it was released. And I got two free keys for Media Center. I then found out a Media Center add-on I use on my HTPC isn't ready for Win 8 so I put off installing Win 8 and MC on that PC 'till the last minute.

    The last minute to use the Media Center key came today. So I installed Windows 8 Pro on it. But when I added MC I accidentally used the same key I'd used to add it to my Office PC back in October (or whenever Win 8 was released). I didn't realize it immediately but the update just churned for almost an hour so I went looking for a cause and then realized I used the same key as the office PC. I killed the update and was about to reboot and hope I could start over when a window popped up saying the key was no good and I could try another. So I thought I was home free. I entered the right key but it rejected it as well.

    I decided to uninstall Media Center but it wasn't in the installed program list. I found it under Windows features and turned it off (no uninstall option).

    I rebooted and tried to start over but now search doesn't show any "Add Feature" setting, just a way to turn features on and off. I turned Media Center back on and rebooted and Media Center works okay but I don't know if I have a Media Center ticking time bomb on this and/or the other PC. i.e. are they using the same key and one or both will stop working someday.

    I tried Belarc Advisor to see if it displayed a key for Media Center but it doesn't.

    I hope someone knows how I can uninstall Media Center on the HTPC so I can add it back with the proper key. Of course I need that before midnight. LoL

    Barring that, is there a way I can tell which key is in effect on either PC. Remember I had entered both keys on the HTPC but both were rejected although Media Center was installed and is working.

    I can't believe I did this AND that Windows install process is so messed up it says it rejected both keys yet still installed the product.

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    Windows 8.1 Pro with Media Center

    Update: Although the HTPC was working with Media Center when I rebooted it later I noticed it was no longer activated. I then reactivated Windows 8 (not Media Center) with the key for Media Center. Windows 8 reactivated so I'm sure everything is okay now.

    Does anyone know what happens if I have to reinstall Windows 8 (e.g. boot drive failure/replacement) down the road? I mean supposedly the key for Media Center can't be used after today and the HTPC has no purpose without Media Center.
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    Windows 7 HP 64bit, Windows 8.1 Pro w/Media Center 64BIT

    To find what key is activated go to System and at the bottom click the link "View Details in Windows Activation" and it will show the last five digits of the key.

    Click image for larger version

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Did I #$&^ up 0,1 or both of my PCs? MC upgrade by Jan 31
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