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Inquiry re Windows 8 download, installation and activation

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    Inquiry re Windows 8 download, installation and activation


    My first post on this forum – hope I am directing it to the appropriate discussion group.

    I purchased a Samsung Series 5 laptop in late October and am undecided about whether or not I should upgrade to Windows 8.

    I’ve been told that I can purchase a Windows 8 “Product Key”at the $14.99 upgrade offer that ends tomorrow (Jan 31st) but I do not have to do the actual installation when I purchase the key.

    Also, that I would have the option to download Windows 8 when I purchase the Product Key and have it sit in a folder until I decide to proceed with the installation, OR I can wait to download it at a future date of my choice (so long as I have the Product Key stored in an e-mail).

    The reason this is important to me is that I would like to purchase it at the $15 upgrade promo price, and do some further research before I decide to proceed with the install. If I decide not to bother, I’m out $15 and that’s ok. (My guess is that I will at some point install Windows 8, but I’d like some more time to look into it).

    So, I guess my questions are as follows:

    1. Is it necessary to download the Windows 8 files when I purchase the Product Key (or can I download it at a future date – beyond the Jan 31 promo deadline)?

    2. If I must download it when I purchase the Product Key, is it also required that I proceed with the Windows 8 installation (and activation?) at the same time (or can I let it sit in a folder on my computer until I decided to proceed with the install, again beyond the Jan 31 promo deadline)?

    Thanks for your help!

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    Hi Lots2Learn

    I'm afraid I don't know the definitive answer to 1. I believe that once you have a Product Key you'd be able to download it after 31 Jan, but I don't know for certain, which is not much help to you.

    However for 2, I do know that once you've downloaded it, you can make an ISO installer, burn it to DVD, and exit the installer at that point without upgrading. I'm pretty sure you could then install it after 31 Jan.

    Maybe someone more knowledgeable than me will chip in...
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    When you purchase it, you will receive an E_mail with a link to do the download. That link should always be good so you can download now and create bootable DVD or flash as DavidY said or you can wait and do it at a later time.

    I would recommend doing it immediately and create the media for later use, though the servers may be quite busy tonight since the public $39 offer ends at midnight tonight.

    Edit: I'm in the process of downloading the 32 bit version to update my HP Laptop, even though I wont do this for several months as I need to replace the system board(video problem - known - class action suit against HP) first.
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    Thanks, David, for the reply.

    Despite many ‘computer’ sites recently releasing articles stating that the $15 promo for Windows 7 owners (who purchased post June 2/12) ends today, I discovered on the Microsoft site that the way it works is the computer with Windows 7 must be purchased by January 31st, but users have until February 28th to take advantage of the Windows 8 upgrade promo offer.

    Being undecided, I think I will install Windows 8 on a separate partition (via the ISO installer process you reference – although in Windows 8 there is an option to burn to DVD or load onto a jump drive) until I satisfy myself that I am ok with W8 and perform the formal 'upgrade' at that time.

    If I’d been a little ahead of the curve, I’d have done all this by today, which would have permitted taking advantage of the free Windows 8 Media Center offer that expires January 31 (saving $10).

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    Hi Ztruker, I had an interruption when typing my reply to DavidY and did not notice your response.

    Thanks for clarifying re the download process.

    So I don’t confuse anybody re offer expiry dates, perhaps I should mention that while the upgrade promo offer of $14.99 I am using expires on February 28, the public $39.99 does indeed expire today.

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Inquiry re Windows 8 download, installation and activation
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