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download Windows * without Upgrade Assistant

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    I must admit that I'm rather hoping that the ISOs aren't totally tied to the computer. I have more than one computer and legally upgraded them with a separate product key for each, but I'm not sure I kept track of which ISO was which...

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    Hello David,

    You can use the downloaded 32-bit or 64-bit ISO file to install on any computer. What matters is the product key since that is your purchased license.
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    Quote Originally Posted by JLyman View Post
    Hello 1Engineer,
    As a Microsoft Engineer, I can tell you that we did this on purpose, for two reasons:

    1. There are a lot of folks who just want to click a few buttons and have it do the work so when they come back after a period of time, it is done.
    2. The level of abuse is higher than we'd like, much higher.

    In order to find a balance between the two, this is what we came up with.

    Johnathan Lyman
    A Guy That Works For MS

    (what I say is of my own volition and does not reflect anything my employer thinks, says or does).
    Jonathan, that all sounds good except for one HUGE contradiction by Microsoft. Bill Gates himself said in an interview that Microsoft was aware of the piracy in the Asia and did not plan to hamper it because establishing the China market was more important. So here is the buff with the rest of the world and especially people in the USA. Microsoft values Chinese users more than Americans. It is the same treatment Americans get from pharmaceutical companies when Americans pay 3 times more for a medicine than people in other countries. That is not fair and provides fuel to the pirates and a clean conscience to Americans who feel like they are being picked on buy Microsoft.

    I know this is above your level but Microsoft is not clean at all in this. There is probably more piracy in China in a week than the USA all year. They do not worry about Windows Updates because they use their own update servers so Microsoft cannot block them.
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    OPINION: Bill Gates also said we would never need more than 64K of ram (or something like that). He was good at running a company, but bad at dealing with the market. To say that Microsoft values Chinese folks more than Americans is an odd statement at best. Until Microsoft can devise a way to put a leash on the ass-backwards crap that goes on in that country in terms of software pirating, they are better left to fight battles where they can make some headway. I believe people in China pirate because they can and they've built their own economy around it so why stop now? If you've spent millions upon millions of your own dollars to develop something (software, drugs, or otherwise), what are you going to do to make that money back plus a profit for your company? I'll leave it at that because you're heading down a political road and this isn't the place for that.
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download Windows * without Upgrade Assistant
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