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I have an Intel Pentium 4 (32-bit) Machine with a 2.80 GHz processor with a 1 GB of RAM and " hp pavilion 06 motherboard system model df142a-abu-a145 Is it possible to install and run Windows 8 (any version) on this PC configuration? I think it is possible the system requirements of Win 8 are the same as for Windows 7. I am currently win 7 without any sort of problem.
Should run OK. Adding the 1GB RAM you mention would help. I am running Win8 on a machine that is similar to yours. You may have to update a driver or so and maybe even some firmware. Some programs may not be compatible. And, some, IMO, non-essential Win8 features won't work (not a big deal, I guarantee). Use the Win8 upgrade assistant ASAP. You'll get your answer.
i have run the win8 upgrade assistant and there is only 5 things i need to review one being dvd 2 being NX 3 was secure boot or something like that i cnt remember i hope it does work win8
Yes, per MadHorseman's comment, what was said about NX?

From MS on NX,

"You'll also see a notice [from the Windows 8 Upgrade Assistant] if the processor might not support NX or if NX is turned off in the PC BIOS. Windows 8 Setup will attempt to turn on NX during installation and, if it isn't able to, will return your PC to the current operating system.

You can check if your processor supports NX and can turn it on if it is turned off by going into your PC's BIOS. Accessing the BIOS can vary depending on your PC manufacturer. Usually, you must press a key (such as F2, F12, Delete, or Esc) or a key combination immediately after you turn on your PC before Windows starts. For more information, check the information that came with your PC or go to the PC manufacturer's website. Once you are in the BIOS, look for the NX or XD settings under the Security tab to turn on the NX support. If the BIOS setting for the NX support option is not available on your PC, you might need to contact the PC manufacturer for info on updating the BIOS. If you need help accessing the BIOS on your PC or turning on NX, you can contact support."