Well it had nothing to do with needing drivers or slipstreaming and all that rubbish, I was trying to boot, I couldnt even get to the install stage for crying out loud! Although I did need my USB 3.0 drivers when Windows booted and asked for them (problem solved there ).

I looked in my BIOS, USB legacy was enabled etc. One thing I still did not try was this option: Launch CSM (it mention something with older BIOS or boot manager or something...)
I enabled this option, stuck in my Windows 7 EFI USB stick, and voila, up poops 'Windows files are loading...'

Did it work?
Because I am writing this on my brand new freshly installed Windows 7 OS on my Asus U32VJ. None of that crap of W8.

Thank for suggestion etc.


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Hi guys,

I have an ASUS U32VJ laptop (Complete USB 3.0 ports - no 2.0, i5 3210, HD4000+GT365M, 4GB RAM).

I want to install Windows 7 64bit for now and just leave W8 in a partition I will not look at.
So i partition off the data drive ASUS left for me and give a fat 200GB+ for a Windows 7.

I get the following when I try to boot from via EFI menu and even through the BIOS to go EFI from USB:

Attachment 15394

Not sure what information you great people will require but here is the disk management view of the hard disk:

Attachment 15393

and further below, printscreens of bootx64.efi location and the cmd commands:
Attachment 15395
Attachment 15396

Could this problem be caused due to having a 2.0 USB stick in USB 3.0? There aren't any USB 2.0s on this machine unfortunately (never thought i would say that :O )?

Thank you all in advance,