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Unnecessary dual boot screen and num lock always on

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    Unnecessary dual boot screen and num lock always on

    So, yesterday I installed Windows 8 for good, but I'm facing some problems. The first never happened with the preview version but the second happened and I'd like to see if there is any way to solve.


    So, I installed after formating my SSD, which had Windows 7. There is also a 2 TB HDD for anything besides the system. Since almost everything is on that drive, I didn't format it. Anyway, Windows now thinks that there is a Windows 7 installation, even if there isn't. I don't know if it is because of that HDD or the "reserved by system partition". This happened once on W7, but only on the first boot. It must have updated the registry on something. Now, with W8, every time the screen appears.

    I've upload a picture from Disk Management, but since it's in portuguese, I'll help: C is the W8 drive; D is the HDD and E is the "reserved by system" partition.

    EDIT: Changing the boot order in the BIOS for the DVD -> SSD -> HDD (before it strangely was DVD -> HDD -> SSD) now shows 3 options in the dual boot screen, including 2 W8 installations.


    My BIOS has set Num Lock to be always on and Windows 7 always had it on. But Windows 8 doesn't. I'm talking about the login screen. Is there any way to have it on even for that screen?

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    Welcome to EightForums.

    I do not speak Portuguese, If ATIVO = ACTIVE in english.

    Boot files are installed to the first ACTIVE partition, which in your screenshot is Disk 0 partition D:.
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    Yes, that's right.

    How did this happened? I didn't even choose that partition in setup! How can I solve this?
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    How did this happened?
    Both HDD Drive were connect when installing.

    Physically disconnect the D: HD Drive.
    Make the Windows 8 SSD, disk0 & first HD boot in BIOS.Also connected to the first Sata port on the MOBO.
    Than do a Auto Repair,

    How to do a Auto Repair:
    Automatic Repair - Run in Windows 8
    Note: You may need to do startup repair 3 to 4 times.
    Startup Repair - Run 3 Separate Times - Windows 7 Forums

    When Windows is booting OK, replace D: HD Drive back in, as Disk 1 & make sure you mark the HD Drive INACTIVE:
    Partition - Mark as Inactive - Windows 7 Forums
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    Everything is okay now, guys, thanks!
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    You are welcome.
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Unnecessary dual boot screen and num lock always on
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