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Windows 8 Repairing Server 2012 Installation

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    Windows 8 Repairing Server 2012 Installation

    I installed Windows Server 2012 on a new machine and for some reason, the install put the "System Reserved" partition on one disk (the data disk) and the "System Boot" partition on another disk (my intended system boot disk). The Server 2012 install disk does not have a repair option, so I tried a Windows 8 install disk and used the repair feature of that disk.

    I disconnected the data disk and ran the repair and it looks like it has worked. The server 2012 machine can boot and seems to run ok, but the repair installed the files that would normally be on the "System Reserved" partition onto the boot disk partition of C, so my C: drive only has one partition and it contains all the boot files and OS files.

    My question is that is it ok to have all the files on one partition, or am I going to run into potential problems down the line.

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    I installed Windows Server 2012 on a new machine and for some reason,
    As the new MOBO's now have a uEFI/BIOS firmware.
    How to install Windows 64 bit on a uEFI BIOS:
    UEFI (Unified Extensible Firmware Interface) - Install Windows 8 with

    Click image for larger version

    For more info on uEFI:
    Windows and GPT FAQ
    Unified Extensible Firmware Interface - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
    UEFI and Windows
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    I dont want to reinstall the OS, everything seems to be working fine, I was just questioning if the single partition for the boot drive will be stable.
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Windows 8 Repairing Server 2012 Installation
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