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installing ??

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    Easy BCD is really a great tool

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    Quote Originally Posted by The Howling Wolves View Post

    Here is a snip of disk management....
    Attachment 1227
    I am not sure any more what the question was since we are running 2 threads in one here. But from your disk management I can tell you the following:

    1. You cannot create another partition on Disk0 because you already have 4 primaries. If you want to create an aditional partition there, we would have to convert one of the primaries to extended/logical. The best candidate is C since you have the 100MB active partition (which in your case is 199MBs). This can be done with the bootable CD of Partition Wizard ( Free Download Magic Partition Manager Software - Partition Wizard Online ) but NOT with Disk Management whilst this partition is active.

    You can, however, create another partition on Disk1 without problems. There you have only 1 primary. No need to jump thru 5 hops.

    2. If you plan to double boot, I advise to make an image of the 199MB partition right now. The best tool for that is free Macrium. Do not attempt that with Win7 imaging. It would be a mess. You could, however, try the Wbadmin command in cmd.

    That image will be handy if you want to get rid of your experiment in the double booted partition. Just restore the image of the 199MB partition and you are in single boot again. The partition with the experimental OS will then just be a bunch of data that you can delete, reformat or whatever.

    3. The partition you are going to create for the experiment must be primary - but NOT active.

    4. You do have another option. If you create the new partition on Disk1, you can make a completely independent installation of the experimental OS. In that case you take out Disk0 during the installation. But in that case the receiving partition must be primary AND active. When the other OS is installed, put Disk0 back in.

    With that setup you switch between the 2 OSes by changing the boot order in the BIOS boot setup (very simple). That method presents the least hassle. I always install the second OS that way. You can also get at the data folders of the other OS because that whole other OS partition is only seen as data.

    5. Finally - you have, of course, a completely different option. That is to install the test system on a VHD and boot from there. That is a bit involved - but interesting. Here is a website on it to give you a flavor:

    6. If I missed your original question, I am sorry. Post back and we'll clarify.
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    Quote Originally Posted by The Howling Wolves View Post
    I am going to PM or just post here you tomorrow and have you go over this with me.
    Have a laptop that has two HD's split....Attachment 1222
    that might work.
    Don't have time tonight but will get your ideas tomorrow..If ok with you.
    Dennis, I am assuming that you want to install Windows 8 on your "D" partition.
    If there is data on it it will be lost so copy it to another partition.
    Then put your disk in ( I'm assuming again that you have burnt the iso image you downloaded to a disc) and install the operating system.
    Make sure that you point it to install on your "D" partition.
    Any questions post back if you are not sure of ANYTHING post back or PM me
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    be sure to select custom install den, that way it will ask which drive(partition) you wish to install to
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    Set a multiboot system is easy if you have enough partitions and EasyBCD.

    Here's my current boot config .

    Click image for larger version
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    Quote Originally Posted by The Howling Wolves View Post

    Here is a snip of disk management....
    Attachment 1227
    Easiest way:

    First , copy that few gb of data from your data disk to a folder on your win7 c drive.

    Next do a quick format of Data disk ( you can do it now from diskmgmt )

    If you are going to use the old boot from dvd dmethod - just select custom install and carefully point the installer at your DATA disk.

    That's all.
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installing ??
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