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Windows 8 boot error bcd

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    Windows 8 boot error bcd

    Hi guys
    I have windows 8 installed from dvd and after a restart the pc won't boot anymore. It tells me:
    Your pc needs to be repaired
    The required boot configuration data file is missing some required information.
    File boot\bcd
    Error code 0xc0000034

    So I tried to rebuilt the bcd, used the bootrec commands , tried auto repair, tried system recovery but nothing seems to help.

    Anybody knows how to fix this?

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    Try a refresh.

    How do a Refresh:
    Refresh Windows 8
    Click image for larger version
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    Meanwhile I tried to renew (refresh that is) the pc but that doesn't work either.
    Srt log give all 0x0 errorcodes and I need the pc.
    I really get frustrated about this issue, nothing seems to work.......
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    OK, i have now tried every option i could think off:
    repair, PC could not be repaired
    Refresh, no luck either
    Rebuilt MBR and BCD, no effect
    recover, forget it, could not be recovered
    checked registry and SAM files date stamps, all from before this happened (probably due to all attempts)
    no idea what happened, seems like an update issue to me but how to check and maybe uninstall an update from the dosbox?
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    I see your system specs, but could you give us an overall description of how your system is set up, like are you dual booting, what is on both drives, like types of partitions? Are you doing a UEFI install, and where did you get the Windows 8 DVD?

    Then just a good description of your install steps.
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    It read properly installed and running fine for some weeks already, used daily. So it is not the instalo r partition. Just simply after a regular shut down in the evening as always and the start up the next day this occurred.
    I have put it on the c partition of the main drive, so nothing strange there. Other partitions contain data.
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    finally i tried as a last resort this option:
    BCDboot c:/windows /s c: /l en-us
    and it did the trick.
    still don't know what made this happen but at least i'm back on the pc.
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    Hi guys.
    I'm having the same problem as described above, but even the BCDBOOT command didn't help.
    I'm also running Win 8 64 bit installed on an ~120 GB SSD drive-desktop PC.
    This problem first occurred about 2 weeks ago, where I somehow got it starting again while trying different boot options/BIOS configurations. Worked fine again, until yesterday ... same startup blue screen. I tried different BIOS settings again but this time nothing worked! (and I probably tried every available option there is!)

    Any sort of recovery doesn't work either as I get a promt that says my drive is locked!

    I'd really appreciate some help, as I'd really hate to reinstall the hole thing. Espacially since I know that the data itself is working and a reinstall wouldn't be necessary if I could just boot the dam* thing!
    Also, who says that this won't occur again even if I reinstall the OS!?
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    Make sure it is in AHCI mode.

    If that doesn't work, you may need manufacturer firmware tools to fix it.
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    Ok I had the same problem. BCDboot c:/windows /s c: /l en-us did not work first shot but worked later after I found my Drive Locked.
    On another thread I found
    Bootrec /RebuildBcd
    which appeared to be working. My own fault, a dodgy power board meant I lost power during windows rebuild on next boot and I was back to the original symptom and Bootrec /RebuildBcd gave me an error for c:\windows
    After this BCDboot c:/windows /s c: /l en-us fixed the issue.
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Windows 8 boot error bcd
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