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Bluetooth not recognized Windows 8

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    Bluetooth not recognized Windows 8

    I have a tablet that I installed Windows 8 Pro on.

    Actually, I have installed Windows 8 Pro on 2 of these same
    tablets with the same problem.

    They both have bluetooth and the bluetooth is on...and Windows 8
    installs a driver for the bluetooth, but there is no bluetooth
    icon down by the clock in the systray.

    From my understanding of Windows, if that bluetooth icon is not
    in the systray, something is not configuired right.

    I can use a USB bluetooth dongle, and after it installs those\
    drivers the bluetooth icon is present the systray. So, it likes
    the dongle. But, I don't know what the issue can be with
    the onboard bluetooth.

    Anyone have an suggestions to help troubleshoot the issue?

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    Do you know how to access device manager? if not just press Win-Key+X then click on Device Manager. Does your bluetooth device show up, do any yellow marks appear?
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    I have a clean device manager. No exclamation marks or question marks on any devices.
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    Windows 8 Pro 64-Bit

    Did your bluetooth device show up in device manager?
    We may need to get newer drivers, also just like in many laptops the wifi can be turn off and on the bluetooth can be to, can you check it's not disabled?
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    I think I may have the answer to the problem.

    On the left side of my device is a "wireless" button. The description says to enable and disable wireless on the device.

    Under Windows 8, this button does not seem to do anything. I have not used this device under Windows 7 - this device is
    certified for Windows 7. I am tempted to put Windows 7 on it temporarily just to see if I can get that button to work.

    I suspect that its similar to my Dell laptop. When I push the button in once, it enables only the wifi. push it again,
    it enables the wifi and the blutooth, put it again, it disables everything. Since the button does not work, I have
    only wifi and no bluetooth.

    Ugggh, Oh well. There are a few button apps for this device but when I install them they all say "not compatable with
    your version of Windows"..LOL..

    Thanx anyways guys. Think I have my answer. Bluetooth will not work under Windows 8.
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    If your keyboard has extra keys you made need specific drivers for those buttons to do their function. You can still enable the device through Windows even without the easy on and off switch on the laptop. This is as long as the drivers for Bluetooth work fine which if it did for Windows 7 their is a really high chance it will on windows 8
    Windows 8 - How to Enable Bluetooth - YouTube
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    Thanks for the reply.

    That is the problem, however. Without physically turning the Bluetooth on, Windows does not know its even there to put a switch for it in the PC Properties. There is no option for it. Just for the Wifi

    I have 2 of these tablets and they both have Bluetooth. They come with Bluetooth so I have no reason to believe for some reason these specific units weren't equipped with Bluetooth.

    There is no driver for them showing in device manager. Its like putting in the dongle. The drivers only show up when the dongle is in and the drivers would only show up if the onboard Bluetooth was turned on.

    Without a physical way of turning it on, Windows won't see it.

    Now, once Windows sees it, it can manager it and turn it off and on without disabling it. But, until I can find a way to turn it on, no joy in Windows 8. It does not show up on that menu.
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    Ah-ha! Good things happen when you stop and read the manual. LOL..

    I am so used to not reading manuals and still..every so often I realize you just gotta stop and do it.

    The button utilities were not the answers. There is a square button on the bezel which DOES work already in Windows 8. Windows 8 launches a "Mobility Center" application but there is no wireless options on this menu.

    On the LE1700 website, under Windows 7, there is a "Motion Dashboard" application which according to the manual you need to use to control the wireless. I downloaded it and installed it. The first time I tried to run it a message about it not being compatible did pop up. But, I ran it again and viola, when I press the square button a different menu opened this time with wireless options. I was able to enable the Bluetooth.

    Sorry for not reading the manual and bothering you guys here.
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    Windows 8 Pro 64-Bit

    Congratz on solving your problem
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Bluetooth not recognized Windows 8
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