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Possible Downgrade Option

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    Possible Downgrade Option

    My wife purchased a new laptop with windows 8. While she could get used to the new style, we are having compatibility issues with different programs (some of which she needs for school). I don't want to wipe all the partitions on her hard drive so I had a new idea to get her back to windows 7. I want to swap her old hard drive that already has windows 7 on it (retail version) into her new laptop. I know that I will have to change her BIOS for secure boot and Legacy boot. Does anyone see any issues with this?


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    Hi there,

    In that case, all hardware will have to be re-installed and there's a big chance you won't get to the desktop, just stuck at the boot screen.

    Then, let's say you do get it past the boot, you will have to reboot a few times for the driver installs, and the OS will have to be reactivated.

    In short there are some issues indeed.

    If the different programs do not use too much graphics then you could use Win7 or XP (if available) in a virtual machine in VMware Player: VMware Player: Run Windows 8, Chrome OS on a Virtual PC without replacing any hard-drive.

    Or you could install Win7 in a VHD alongside Win8 so nothing will be lost:
    Virtual Hard Drive VHD File - Create and Start with at Boot - Windows 7 Forums

    So there's one or two good choices to make; maybe you could give compatibility mode a try or as I said: using a VM or VHD install, but is up to you to decide.

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    Welcome to EightForums.

    Using VM's would be better than use Legacy BIOS.
    VirtualBox - Install Windows 8
    VMware Player - Install Windows 8

    you can reinstall Windows 7.
    Downgrade Windows 8 to Windows 7
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    Thank you Hopachi and Theog! I think we will go the VMware Player way. That sounds less permanent. I think she wants to use Windows 8 but it seems like it has some kinks to work out. But looking around at this forum I am amazed at the tips and tricks so far.
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    That's a good choice.

    Glad you got a fix for that!

    Enjoy your stay at the forum!
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Possible Downgrade Option
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