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    Data Transfer from Mac

    I want to move all my data from my MacBook to a laptop with Windows 8. I have everything backed up on an external HD; when I plug the HD into the laptop, it's not recognized. I've tried transferring via WiFi, but the MacBook is not allowing that to happen. Is there anything I can do with my backup HD so that it is recognized by my new Windows 8 laptop? Thanks.

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    You could try MacDrive or some similar program. Also, you could create a network in order to transfer the data.
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    There are several programs out there that will allow your windows machine to see a Mac formatted drive. Off the top of my head I can't of any one, albeit you might give Google/Bing a shot.

    As posted above me MacDrive is one the better ones, however, there are several free apps out in the wild. . .
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Data Transfer from Mac
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