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Windows 8 Wireless - Build 7850

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    Windows 8 Wireless - Build 7850

    After installing windows 8 onto a portion of my hard drive everything is working fine apart from wireless internet
    I have tired trouble-shooting and think it is do with the driver for the wireless, can anybody help me sort this out, I would use a wired cable but I have lost mine,
    Thanks you
    EDIT: My laptop is a Toshiba A500-17X
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    My wireless adapter (Realtek RTL8187) is working fine.
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    I have a Realtek RTL8191SE Wireless LAN 802.11n PCI-E NIC
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    Try to update the drivers through WU.
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    How would I do that seeing as I don't have a internet connection, I am gonna try to find the drivers online and transfer them to Windows 8
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    Ops... Cable ?
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    I dual boot Windows 7 and Windows 8 on my laptop so I would not be able to use a cable, I am downloading the drivers now and am gonna transfer them to my Windows 8 portion, just hope it works.
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    Did you try typing in your wireless password again? I put mine in wrong and trouble shooter did not tell me it was wrong. I rebooted then selected my network and typed the PW in again and it connected. You have a secured home network right? Good luck to you and enjoy the many leaks that are bound to happen with this OS. Both public beta's will have build leaks every week or so if its like 7 :ninja:
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    It isn't even showing any wireless networks at all, it is saying that there is a network cable unplugged and the driver I just tired didn't work at all
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    Network cable unplugged would mean the lan driver is not installed. try downloading the lan driver on the other computer, transfer to 7850, get your lan working and buy a lan cable- its invaluable to troubleshoot wireless issues. Get your lan up and working then delete the wireless connection and create afresh.

    Although there is no difference in functionality and you shouldnt have to jump all these hoops.
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Windows 8 Wireless - Build 7850
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