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How to Migrate OS to new Hard disk.

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    Quote Originally Posted by dreinto View Post
    Hi Theog,

    Sorry but I don't understand why you gave a link to "how to download Windows 8 ISO" since my laptop comes with preinstalled Windows 8. Sorry...but what you were trying to show to me again?
    The QUOTE is from the link.

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    In addition to all of the excellent advise that theog has provided, Macrium Reflect (Free Version) will do the trick, as I cloned a 1TB Windows 8 OEM install (from Dell XPS 8700) to a 120GB Samsung 840 EVO.

    WinPE media had to be created, Macrium will try to download the needed files (about 300MB) to create the ISO. In my case, the file download kept breaking up, so I installed the Windows 8 ADK, then all Macrium needed to fetch was another 6MB file.

    After creating an ISO for a spare, I used a no longer needed 1GB SDHC card to create bootable media, from which I attached to a USB 3.0 card reader, though the inbuilt reader probably could have done the same. Or a Flash drive/CD, I just had no other use for that small SDHC card, so I used that.

    I then cloned the HDD to the SSD (my recovery sets had already long been made) by booting from the SDHC card, after starting up the new SSD, a reboot wasn't even needed. The recovery partition, I didn't clone, as it only works with the same size or larger drive. That left me with 10+GB for the Samsung over provisioning utility, which is good for the longevity of the SSD.

    This bootable ISO can also be used to backup the OS with, just like Acronis or any other popular backup app. Backup integrity seems to be better when made from outside of the Windows environment.

    The good thing is, nothing had to be purchased & I use that same SDHC card to backup my other Windows installs that doesn't have a paid backup app installed.

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    Any respectable imaging or partitioning program can clone successfully. Aomei backupper (free) Aomei partition Assitant (free), Partition Wizard (free ), etc.

    Very few have the ability to exclude, so you can clone to an ssd smaller than the used space on the source drive.

    That is why Theog suggested Paragon.
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    Quote Originally Posted by SIW2 View Post
    Any respectable imaging or partitioning program can clone successfully. Aomei backupper (free) Aomei partition Assitant (free), Partition Wizard (free ), etc.

    Very few have the ability to exclude, so you can clone to an ssd smaller than the used space on the source drive.

    That is why Theog suggested Paragon.
    yes but I think Macrium Reflect had this figured out for UEFI GPT back in 2012 and their free version will do this with 100% correct booting. Tech support is intelligent, English speaking, and they understand their software which I find pretty amazing these days.
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    I use Acronis True Image Home v14 for this and Corsair has a free utility that does this and it's included when you buy one of their SSD's. I do a lot of testing at home, so I bought Acronis years ago and it's saved my bacon many many times, so it's been well worth the initial and upgrades costs to me...
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    I had to create an account just to say THANK YOU Theog. This was my first ever hardware upgrade and I just wanted to say thank you for making it painless. (:
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    You are welcome, well done.
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    Excluding data partitions

    Hi, I'm trying to clone my 1TB HDD to a new 256GB SSD. Since I have a lot of data in the Data partition, is it possible for me to exclude the Data partition and clone the rest (attached screen dump to show the partitions on my original HDD)?

    I tried cloning the partitions from the beginning of the drive up to the OS partition onto the SSD using Macrium Reflect (as show in the screen dump as Hard Disk 1), but when I rebooted the machine and tried to select boot order, I only see one "Windows Boot Manager" which doesn't let me choose to boot from the SSD.

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    Sounds like macrium didn't update the bcd store on your current system volume.

    Boot into the one can get into, then open an elevated cmd and type

    bcdboot f:\windows

    press enter.
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    I am always looking for an easy life have a look at Paragon Backup and Recovery™ this will do exactly what you want and is FREE.

    Can't put a link but look at paragon-software. Usual three letters c**

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How to Migrate OS to new Hard disk.
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