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Upgraded to windows 8, got black screen after restart.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hopachi View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by Shade9623 View Post
    No luck, even did a system reset and a system refresh.

    What's odd though is that the fn key to turn my laptop's display on and off still works, as well as the brightness adjusters. Obviously I can't see anything on the screen itself but I have the choice between completely black(off) and various dark shades of gray as I adjust the brightness lol.
    There's a chance that hdmi external monitor mode is still enabled even when you do't use the external monitor.

    Fn key still works: good at least something's normal.
    HDMI monitor works: hmmm, laptops should know to switch back automatically...

    Try and see if it looks normal (without external monitor) in Safe Mode:
    1. connect to your monitor where you have image.
    2. run msconfig.exe
    3. in boot tab check the "safe boot" box left under
    4. reboot

    You disable Safe Mode when you uncheck the "safe boot" and reboot.
    No luck .

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    Windows 8

    EDIT: Honestly, using it on my TV isn't so bad lol.

    I think I'll hang onto 8 and just try to get this resolved. Perhaps I'm experiencing a bit of stockholm syndrome with Microsoft but..whatever haha .

    Anything worth trying next? For now I'm going back to fully updated drivers and everything.
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    When you think the computer is fully loaded win8 software you do the following
    Press CTRL + ALT + DELETE once
    When you come back to the log on page
    Press the windows key + P
    Make sure that the screen you choose is the first one ie laptop screen only.
    Logon and you should be fine from here on................

    This will solve the blank screen problem
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    Windows 8 Pro x64

    I had the same issue. I tried to reinstall several times; all goes well until the personalization part during Windows 8 install and the same problem came up every time. I searched the internet, etc, but nothing seemed to help. It took me more than one day to find out that it was the HDMI to DVI convertor plug that was not well connected.

    The strange thing is that everything is visible (including BIOS messages, graphical BIOS environment and, after installation, even the first Windows 8 logo with the 'wait wheel'), until you get to the lock screen. At that moment the screen goes black and the monitor goes to sleep. It seems somehow at that moment Windows 8 switches to another mode and pins on the connector that were not well connected before are needed only then. (Yes, this sounds weird but I cannot explain it differently). The plug really needs to be inserted with quite some force but even then the slightest contact with the computer case makes the screen go black again.

    For me it's just a temporary problem, as I am now using the internal graphics HDMI on the motherboard and my Sapphire card with two proper DVI connectors will arrive soon.
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    Windows 8 Pro x64

    Quote Originally Posted by Guiri View Post
    For me it's just a temporary problem
    I should have been a bit more cautious and less optimistic.

    After installing the card and rebooting I got the exact same problem: a black screen at the moment the lock screen should have appeared (the Windows 8 logo with the wait circles showed just fine). (And this time the display connectors were properly seated into the graphics card.) After waiting a while, the only thing I could do is holding down the power button to switch off the pc. After restarting the same problem came up so I rebooted again. Now a Repair window came up saying the pc had problems. Two buttons: repair and cancel. When you cancel(!) the pc continues doing all things on the harddisk.

    Finally it said the pc could not repaired. Via option 4) safe boot I tried to install the AMD software and drivers. Catalyst could not install and ended with an error. Updating the drivers from the AMD folder went fine. But after reboot all the things from the first paragraph happened again. I was all finally solved when I disabled the on-board graphics card in Device Manager.

    Now I am happy, multi-monitor support works excellent in Windows 8. The only strange thing is: after logging in the Start Metro interface comes up on the 1st monitor, then the desktop on the 2nd and then the desktop on the 1st. I no longer need to click the Desktop tile and all works almost like Windows 7! Whoohoo.

    Is it supposed to behave like that? I thought you always needed to click the Desktop tile, two monitors or not.
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Upgraded to windows 8, got black screen after restart.
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