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Clean disk before clean install?

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    thanks theog
    I understand now the part with CLEAN and CLEAN ALL.
    What about the difference between MBR and GPT. My priorities are to avoid complexity for the installation, and an installation that is less likely to cause BSOD.

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    I personally would stay with GPT.

    It would as good idea to Check the hard drive with the manufacturer's diagnostic tools.
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    Quote Originally Posted by turboman View Post
    thanks theog
    I understand now the part with CLEAN and CLEAN ALL.
    What about the difference between MBR and GPT. My priorities are to avoid complexity for the installation, and an installation that is less likely to cause BSOD.
    As far as I know, stability is not an issue with MBR or GPT.

    I'm using GPT, but I see no major advantage to it.

    You must use GPT on a drive larger than 2TB. You can only boot from a GPT drive if you have an EFI system rather than a BIOS.

    Apple has been using UEFI on their Intel based Macs far longer than it has been common on Windows machines. A vote of confidence, I suppose.

    Does that confuse things further for you?
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    I have done limited work with GPT and don't find any immediate advantages unless you're booting from a disk larger than 2tB.
    IMO it's best to stick with the "tried and true" technology if you're concerned with stability.
    Additionally, you'll find more experience on the forums with MBR than you will with GPT.

    As for BSOD's - I'd suggest that you don't worry about them. They aren't that common (despite your experience) and they are relatively easy to fix in most cases. At work we infrequently get a machine with BSOD's, and it's even more rare to get one that requires my expertise - and I've been doing this for many years (about 25 years of hands on and 10 on the forums)

    Cleaning disks is a choice that you have to make, but in many cases it isn't necessary. If you're happy with the boot process until it gets to Windows - then there's usually no need to clean the disk when reinstalling Windows. BUT, if there's something hidden on the MBR (I'm not that familiar with GPT in this case), then there would be a need to "wipe" the drive with a program that writes 0's on every place on the drive (such as KillDisk or DBAN - both free with a Google search).

    At work we don't wipe disks unless the system has been giving us unexplained problems, and even then we usually just de-allocate the space on the partitions using the Windows installation routine (we delete the partitions). It takes a long time to write 0's across the entire disk, so it's usually reserved for extremely challenging cases.

    Finally, as long as you have the recovery disks, there's no harm in wiping the hard drive prior to installing Windows.
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Clean disk before clean install?
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