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Not able to install Win 8 Pro

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    Not able to install Win 8 Pro

    I recently got a new Fujitsu AH532 laptop, pre-loaded with the basic 64-bit Win 8 on 5 @ GPT partitions. I want to put TrueCrypt on it, but can't because of GPT. I figured I would load Win 8 Pro so I can use BitLocker. Got a scratch sata drive, wiped it clean with WhiteCanyon wipedrv (totally gets rid of all partitions...). Installed Win 8 Pro from Technet DVD ISO, went very smooth. In fact, too smooth, did not ask for product key codes. When install was done, brought up control-panel, system to find Win 8 (non-Pro) was automatically activated, showed me the last characters of product code (pretty sure same ones on original Fujitsu install). Of course, BitLocker is not on this new image.

    My guess is the product code may have been stored in the BIOS? Btw, machine came with UEFI.

    Does anyone have any ideas on how I can install Pro on this machine? Could try BIOS reset, but went thru hell getting rid of Secure Boot (but could do it again). Does anyone think the key codes could have come from the BIOS? Is there any way I could get BitLocker installed on this OEM (non-Pro) image? Guess another option would be to look into PGP encryption.

    One small advantage of the re-install is this drive is now partitioned as MBR, which would allow me to install TrueCrypt and encrypt the whole C partition. But, I would lose Fujitsu's Image Backup that would allow a restore from their bootable recovery DVD. This program is not on their web page with all other drivers for this model. If I had to, I could use Acronis True Image 2013.

    Thanks, Norm

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    Just use the in-place upgrade feature to upgrade to Windows 8.

    Open the Start Page, type in "Add Features" and click on "Settings", then open the Add Features dialog. Enter your 8 Pro key, and it will upgrade to 8 automatically.

    At least it should, i'm basing this on my experience with the Windows 7 "Anytime upgrade" which I believe works the same via this method in Windows 8.
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    Welcome to EightForums.

    All you need to do was upgrade to Windows 8 Pro Pack.

    To uograde to Pro Pack
    No install files needed.
    Only the Upgrade key is need.

    Add Features to Windows 8
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    I would lose Fujitsu's Image Backup that would allow a restore from their bootable recovery DVD.
    I would do a reinstall, than upgrade to Pro Pack.
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    Re: Just use the in-place upgrade feature to upgrade to Windows 8.
    I tried that with 2 different Pro codes. Got message: "This key won't work. Check it and try again, or try a different key."
    Think may be because trying to upgrade OEM version with Technet codes.

    Re: All you need to do was upgrade to Windows 8 Pro Pack.
    That costs $70, so is my last resort <grin>.

    Re: I would do a reinstall, than upgrade to Pro Pack.
    I did a reinstall, on a totally blank hard drive. Machine kept old product key codes.

    Thanks, Norm
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    I'm still trying diligently to get total C drive encryption on my new laptop.

    I tried again, with a brand new hard drive to install Win 8 Pro from a Technet ISO. Never asked for key codes, kept same version (basic) that was shipped from Fujitsu. After re-install, already activated.

    Has anyone ever heard of key codes being stored in the BIOS? Does anyone think resetting the BIOS would allow 8 Pro to be install. I'm a bit hesitant, went thru HELL getting rid of secure boot on this machine.

    I've read the reviews of the Win 8 Pro Pack--HORRIBLE. That is my absolute last resort.

    Keep checking the truecrypt site to see if they will ever support GPT drives. They say maybe someday.

    One other question, I've been browsing this forum and looks like GPT can be converted to MBR (for truecrypt). But, looks like it can't be done on the system disk. Does anyone know of a way to convert GPT to MBR? I've tried Acronis True Image, not successful yet.

    Thanks, Norm
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    Hi Norm,
    I found this topic because I was facing this problem too.
    I was trying to install a Windows 8 Pro on a Asus laptop which was preinstalled with Windows 8 standard.

    I resolved this way: add a file called ei.cfg in the directory "sources" of your Windows 8 ISO.
    The file must contains those strings:
    Under edition you can insert Core, Professional or Enterprise (depends on what you what to install). Under VL (which stands for Volume Licence) you can set 1 (true) or 0 (zero). This probably stand for "Should I use the Volume Licence?". 0 means no, so the installer prompt you with the cd key request!

    Save the file and boot from your modded ISO. Install Windows 8 and insert the correct cd key (the pro edition one in your case) when asked.

    Maybe it's late for Norm, but can be usefull for others who land there from Google.
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Not able to install Win 8 Pro
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