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Asus Zenbook, clone original HDD to SSD

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    Asus Zenbook, clone original HDD to SSD


    I'm trying to clone the original HDD of my Asus ZenBook to a SSD disk. The original disk is 500GB and the SSD is 256GB. But the original disk has a 300GB Data partition that is empty and i don't need, so there shouldn't be any problem with moving a large disk to a smaller.

    I used several cloning programs, but it seems that Macrium Reflect did the best job so far, but not all the way to the goal. With other programs, like Easeus Partition Master, i always had to do a boot repair to get Windows 8 to boot. But with Macrium Reflect i cloned the disk and Windows 8 booted fine. I didn't remove the Data partition, but made it very small, thinking that keeping the same number of partitions would help me to get everything working.

    My problem is, with the original drive i can press F9 at boot and enter recovery mode.(I have a recovery and a restore partition on the drive.) If i press F9 with the SSD disk i get a boot error, 0xc0000225 and that my PC needs to be repaired. In some way this also messes up the original boot, because now i cant boot Windows 8 on the SSD. It works perfect until i try to press F9.

    Is there some way that i could really clone the original HDD so that even the F9 option works? Sure, i could use it this way. But it is annoying me that F9 don't work on the SSD. And it could be a problem when someone else is using the PC, because pressing F9 destroys the normal boot also.

    Maybe there is some better cloning software?

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    Hi, welcome to the forums, I use this program, works fine: Xmas Present - FREE Drive Imaging program
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    The only 3rd party software that I know of, that fully supports Windows 8 is PARAGON 12.

    Paragon 12 now supports Windows 8 uEFI, GPT & Secure Boot.

    PARAGON Software Group - partition manager, drive backup, hard disk partitioning
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    Paragon didn't work, or it worked as good/bad as Macrium Reflect. Works fine to boot Windows 8, but the F9 press fails, and takes down the Windows 8 boot also.

    Trying the other image program now.
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    The other program didn't even make a bootable Windows 8 disk. Don't understand why it is not possible to make a true copy of the original disk? Something is different since the F9 option don't work on the cloned SSD.
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Asus Zenbook, clone original HDD to SSD
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