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Will RESET Windows wipe second drive with documents?

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    Will RESET Windows wipe second drive with documents?

    Hello guys,

    I want to reset my win8 as there is some odd behaviour going on.

    I have my MY Documents, My Photos, My Videos etc... all on the D: Drive.

    If I do a reset, will it just format and reinstall the C: drive, or will it wipe the D drive where all my documents are kept too?



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    Welcome to EightForums.

    Take look at Step Five.
    Reset Windows 8
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    When they say "drives," they really mean "partitions," right?

    e.g. I have C: and F: partitions on my SSD. C: is Windows boot partition with programs, settings, etc, and F: is data partition. Per Step Five, do they mean the process will obliterate the SSD drive, or just the C: partition on the SSD drive.
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    All repairs will be on C:
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    I know this thread is old but what the OP is asking happened to me.
    I have two drives, a 128Gb SSD which I had Windows 8 loaded on and a regular 1Tb hard drive set up with 4 other partitions (D, E, I & V).
    I had a good system recovery image on a USB stick, plus I also had current drive images (macrium images) on my I drive.

    One day I was doing something, don't remember what or why, but knowing that I had a good recovery drive + images, I deleted the Windows partition on my first drive and rebooted with the recovery stick to do a reset. The problem is that during the reset prompts there was NEVER a prompt that eluded to my second drive being wiped, but that is exactly what happened.
    My first drive was wiped and the second drive wiped as well. I know there is a documented step that indicates you can choose just the drive Windows is installed on, but in my case, that step never was shown (guessing because since I deleted that partition, it did't 'see' a Windows 8 installation).
    Fortunately I had my macrium images stored on another media source so I could recover, but my guess is that when the reset feature didn't see a Windows 8 OS on my C: drive, it (for whatever reason) wiped both drives. I don't understand it but I most definitely did.
    I set everything back up and now I would never use the reset feature again. My main reason is that I like to have complete control over image backup and restore. When you use a 3rd party like Ghost, Macrium, True Image, etc, you have 100% control over the options. With Windows 8 reset, you never see what it's about to do until too late.
    Lesson learned.
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Will RESET Windows wipe second drive with documents?
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