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Possible Installation/Upgrade Options

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    Possible Installation/Upgrade Options


    I realise we don't have much information yet, but I wonder what sort of /installation upgrade options might be available with 8 when it happens?

    For example:

    Windows 8 Starter
    Windows 8 Professional
    etc. etc.

    Whats do you think?


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    I think it will be similar to window 7 when it first came out
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    I really hope its distributed through a flashdrive instead of a DVD, but that's doubtful. Would be a nice extra option for say, $10 more (I would pay).

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    I'm thinking that the fast usb stick option would price out higher with additional profit margin built in I say it's more likely to cost $40.00 more. How about a pre-installed Revo drive option? True plug in update and play, likewise a Sata II/III SSD option for mobile and desktop options.
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    A flashdrive option would be magnificent.
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    You can buy a 4 gig flash drive (all thats needed) for around $10. I would be willing to pay that much more for a USB install "disk" over an actual DVD. It installs about twice as fast easy (I used one to install onto my SSD).

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    I agree, USB install drives are the way forward
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    I like that too !
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    Indeed, a worthwhile option to consider, would have my vote.
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    Yucaipa, California, USA
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    A flash drive option would be neat, but unsecured at all. Theoretically anyone could distribute it....
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Possible Installation/Upgrade Options
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