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Can't boot into windows 8,hard drive locked, can't refresh

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    Quote Originally Posted by Triangle64 View Post
    I had this problem and went to this thread for advice with no luck. I managed to get this problem fixed, I have no idea how it happened and really how what I did fixed it but it did with all my files and setting back, exactly as it was before. I had the exact same errors as OP including the mysterious "locking" of the HDD. I would post screens but I have literally have no idea how I would get this problem again.

    Heres how I fixed it:

    First, get a live version of Linux Ubuntu 12.10, Download Ubuntu Desktop | Ubuntu make sure its not the LTS version and make sure you either burn it to disk or mount to a USB, I mounted to a USB using

    Once you have booted into the live desktop (dont install it remember!) open up GParted (top icon on the left side, search for gparted) and you should notice a key next to your windows partition. If you don't then I don't know if this will help you.

    If you see the key (or if you dont, you could try it anyway) open up terminal (same top icon search for terminal) and run the command "sudo umount -a" and hit enter. It should come up with some errors but that's ok. close down terminal.

    Next go back to GParted. One of the top icons in GParted lets you refresh the drive (i cant remember which, sorry) hit that and it should refresh the drives status. Now you should see a red explanation mark next to your drive (instead of a key). If you right click your drive and press information, it should come up with lots of error, including one that says something like: try running chkdsk in windows to fix this error, this is good because thats what comes next.

    Now of course we haven't got windows to run chkdsk but now if you boot, you should get a different error from the one you did before. dont do a system restore, grab your windows 8 installation disk and load that up. choose your language, then click "repair my pc" go though the settings until you get the command line. you should still get the "X: Sources" thing but thats ok. Run the command "CHKDSK C: /F" Mine came up with no errors so then I ran "CHKDSK D: /F" and that had similar results with no errors.

    At first I thought it hadn't worked because of no errors, so I restarted my pc and it booted straight into windows like it did before! I literally have no idea why but it did, its worth ago!

    Sorry for the lack of accuracy, I'm not at the PC that had the error right now, otherwise I would give more info. Let me know if this worked for you and if you have any advances.



    tl;dr: Just read it, it might save your PC!
    The only one that worked after days of searching and pages of flipping through this forum. Thanks a million.

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    If you have a Win7 boot dvd, use the repair option..

    Win8 dvd does NOTHING.......
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    I had a similar issue with CHKDSK crashing and locked my drive. The only way I could get it unlocked, and reformat it to be able to install Windows 8 again (because some files where corrupt and it claimed I had no OS on boot)

    Press Shift+F10(or F8 my memory fails me lol) at anytime during the install/repair process or as soon as the Windows 8 DVD loads up to enter the Command Prompt.

    Enter the following commands
    DISKPART> list disk
    This should list all of your drives, even USB and so on. Find your primary drive normally C, then type
    DISKPART> select disk C: (or whatever your primary drive is)
    DISKPART> attributes volume clear readonly
    DISKPART> clean

    ***This will obviously wipe all data on the disk, and you will have to re-install Windows. But, It worked for my purpose, not sure if it will for yours.*** You may even be able to stop at the "clear readonly" command. And see if you can maybe run a system repair at that point idk.

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    After several hours doing everything I could to fix this, I found a solution that worked for ME.


    My computer was running perfectly using Windows 8 installed onto an SSD (Drive C and a secondary hard drive as drive D:. My computer was running a bit sluggish yesterday, so I went to reboot, and when I did, I got the error that something was wrong with my installation and Windows needed to repair, (read: do nothing,) which just loaded the automatic repair loop.

    I then proceeded to load the internets and tried about 15 different things to get my data back, but the only thing that worked was the following:

    1. Unplug the SSD
    2. Using the Windows 8 ISO and a USB stick, install Windows 8 onto the D: drive
    3. Load into Windows 8
    4. Shut Down
    5. Plug in SSD
    6. Reboot, using the BIOS to select booting ONLY off of the D: drive (the secondary installation)
    7. Boot into Windows
    8. Open an elevated command prompt, (Windows Key, "cmd", click "run as admin" at bottom of screen)
    9. Type CHKDSK C: /f (where "C:" is the letter of the SSD that has stopped functioning
    10. Voila.

    CHKDSK took about 15 minutes to run, but it fixed whatever was wrong, and I got all my data back.

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    Just this morning I went through this very problem. None of the options on the blue screen worked. So, I powered off my computer and unplugged it for awhile, was about 45 min. Turned it back on and it booted ok. This happened before and I took it to the "geeks" to see what was wrong. I was told that this would keep happening until I upgrade my motherboard and CPU as Win 8 doesn't have the drivers for what I have......???? So now I am researching trying to find out what IS compatible to upgrade too.
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    Just for the record, I have a 6 year old pavillion dv5 born with Vista, now running W8 Pro with NO ISSUES at all.
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    I have a much older Dell Precision 370 that started out with XP Home and is now running Windows 8 Pro X64 with no problems.

    Never, ever take anything to the "geeks". Their only directive is to make money, if they accidentally help you that's okay too. It will not keep happening.

    Get an external hard drive and do image backups of all partitions on your hard drive, and keep them current. If a weird problem like this does happen, boot DBAN (Darick's Boot And Nuke), wipe the drive using autonuke, then restore the drive image.
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    After fiddling around with ubuntu and OS booting stuff, I managed to currupt my master boot record before powering down my pc (running windows 8 pro x64)

    I booted with the windows 8 disc and none of the options were helpful (same hdd locked problem).

    I managed to fix this by running repair (instead of install) from a windows 7 disc - it seems the windows 7 disc can remove the lock.
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    Windows 8 & Windows 7 Dual Boot

    Yep, thats what I suggest to people all the time.. Win 8 does not want to fix multiboot systems.
    You should use WIN7 boot repair when Win8 refuses..
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    Quote Originally Posted by PCcrusader View Post

    ...So i turned of my pc, opened the casing and removed the power- and Sata cable from my hdd. With my hdd disconnected i booted up the computer. after a few seconds i shut the pc down again and reinstalled the hdd (putting back the cables connected to it). I booted up again and my hdd was found and windows 8 started up as normal.
    This worked for me.
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Can't boot into windows 8,hard drive locked, can't refresh
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