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ALL devices coming up as RAID and not working

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    ALL devices coming up as RAID and not working

    hello friends... okay, interesting problem this time around. I just swapped my computer to a new case and in the process was going to simply re-install everything and start from scratch...

    so i did the following, cleared CMOS to reset bios and booted into UEFI. changed the sata mode to RAID so I can pair my two 500gb drives in raid 0. did that and then booted back into UEFI to set the boot order (dvd / ssd / raid drive)

    well for some reason the description for my drives have changed and for the life of me i can't get them back.

    they USED to say (when everything was working)
    1. UEFI dvd-rom
    2. UEFI - ssd
    3. SATA dvd-rom
    4. SATA - ssd
    5. RAID - Maindrive

    but NOW everything reads as raid even before i have paired anything in raid... they all ready

    1. RAID: SSD
    2. RAID: dvd-rom
    3. RAID: 500gb-1
    4. RAID: 500gb-2

    and nothing is working now.. i've cleared cmos 100 times now to try to get it to work but everytime i change sata mode to RAID the above happens.... it used to work fine, i don't get what happened to my stuff but its pissing me off because even win8 install is BSODing after 2 seconds of starting the install on the SSD

    any help much appreciated!

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    Windows 8 Pro x64

    only IDE mode (out of IDE, RAID, AHCI) gets any of the drives to work. I just don't know what would have messed everything up! RAID mode now things EVERY SATA port is a raid device, including my DVD drive which just isn't possible and nothing is working anymore in RAID mode....
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ALL devices coming up as RAID and not working
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