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How to get pre-installed windows 8 on new hard drive

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    I repeated this repsonse in another thread too.

    FINALLY! This tutorial WINS. I really worked! I cannot believe it took me a week on & off of trial and error and fresh installs, etc. The one constant that kept it intact was preserving my original hard drive untouched especially the original Recovery Partition.


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    Good work jerendeb!
    Thanks for mentioning the solution.

    Have a nice day!
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    good evening!

    i'm a rookie i just get registered here minutes ago.
    i'm sorry if i ask a stupid question or one that as been answered over and over.

    my girlfriend just bought (yesterday) a Samsung Series 5 Ultra model NP530U3C-A04PT.
    it came with a 500 GB HDD.
    it came with Windows 8 pre-installed
    we didn't touched it, yet!

    we just bought a Samsung 840 Pro SSD 128GB. it will arrive tomorrow.

    we want to use the SSD without losing the original MS Windows license.

    can anyone please explain me, step by step (please when posting please keep in mind i'm really very, very ignorant! because i am!), how to go from the original HDD to the upcoming SSD smoothly along with keeping future system restore possible in case of a major software collapse also without loosing Windows license.

    we donīt intend to do any piracy or anything like that. the computer belongs to my girlfriend's small accounting and consulting company so she needs to keep original licenses of all programs she uses.

    if anyone would be kind enough to help us we would appreciate it very much. if it's easier to do it to my email, please do.

    thank you very much.

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    just forgot:

    the computer came with no installation DVD available, usb flash drive, nothing. just the computer, a quick start "flyer", a waranty information and a safety precautions "flyer"!
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    have you got your trouble sorted out as this post is of 2012 and this is mid 2013 ... perhaps you must have got something .. please post about how your have simplified your problem as it may work in my similar case as well....
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    Hi MLopes,

    Samsung provides all the tools you need, including disk copy. See chapter 5 of the user manual (pages 117-119 in this example). That also means you'll have to invest in external storage, because you have to save the disk image somewhere.
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    hello Vadikan

    i told i was a rookie! thank you very much!

    if you don't mind i'll abuse your patience a little more and ask: which options to choose in Samsung app?

    the screen in the page you mentioned is this:

    what do i do? i connect the SSD to the usb3 port using a controller (no problem, i have one) and then i use disk copy? or backup turning on the boot disk option? or factory image?

    or i need to use another hdd to create the image (which options to use?) and them recover to the SSD already installed inside the computer?

    sorry again!

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    Hi MLopes,

    I can't see your image, but the way I see the sequence is as follows:
    1. Use an USB enclose and connect your SSD externally.
    2. Save disk copy to it.
    3. Replace internal HDD with SSD.

    So I take my words about investing in external storage back. It seems like the Samsung software takes care of everything. What I'm not sure is how it'll handle the move to the smaller disk, but you shall find out

    Since I don't have a Samsung notebook, I can't test their tools. You can also talk to Samsung support about the details.

    At any rate, before you start experimenting, Recovery Drive - Create with USB Flash Drive in Windows 8
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    How to clone your HDD drive to a SSD drive.
    How to Migrate OS to new Hard disk.
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    thanks for your patience guys!

    thanks Vadikan and theog!

    great to find nice people willing to help.

    p.s.: about Samsung support! the only thing i can do is laugh! otherwise i would cry!
    i live in Portugal...called the portuguese Samsung support line and the very nice girl on the other side knew less about computers that a do! i was put on hold two or three times. first i couldn't do the change because it would void my warranty. minutes later a can but only if replacing HDD and RAM. then she knew nothing about what i was asking, on hold again. minutes later she stated Samsung can't help me, i need to call technical assistance, an independent company.
    i did it the next day. they told me i couldn't perform the operation because it will void my warranty. i said that was not Samsung info, on hold. minutes later: i probably can to it but only with the HDD and RAM but they can't be sure. about what i need they can't help me. Samsung was wrong giving me their contact! i was about to explode when the girl on the other side told my they would gladly do it for me! 18 euros of postage (70km distance) and about 35 euros to perform the service!!! Great!!!
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How to get pre-installed windows 8 on new hard drive
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