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Wireless driver not turning on when restarting Windows 8

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    Wireless driver not turning on when restarting Windows 8


    I have a Dell XPS M1530 which ran Windows Vista 32 bit OS. I have recently upgraded to Windows 8 OS and everything works fine except the following:

    Whenever I restart/ shut down/ put my laptop to sleep; the next time I turn it on, the wifi driver does not get switched on and I need to restart my laptop again. After restarting the 2nd or 3rd time, the wifi functions properly. This is really frustrating as I cannot put my laptop on sleep mode since whenever I turn it on again, the wifi does not turn on. Only solution is to keep restarting my laptop till the wifi starts working again. This depends on my luck as sometimes the wifi starts working on the 1st restart while sometimes it takes 4-5 restarts to get it to work.

    Some help to resolve this issue would really be appreciated.

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    This may not be appropriate in your circumstances but, when you first install, you have the option to click the internet icon and then you see the available connections. This, of course, includes yours. Alittle over to the left and down, I think, is a small box which says "connect automatically". Presumably you did that?
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    You have to check your Wifi driver.
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Wireless driver not turning on when restarting Windows 8
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