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AHCI mode windows 8 pro

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    AHCI mode windows 8 pro

    When I installed Windows 8 pro (oem x64) it wouldn't allow me to install with my sata controller set to AHCI mode so I set it to IDE and installed, now I'd like to have trim support so want to enable AHCI. Just enabling AHCI in BIOS boots too a blue :( (blue screen of unhappiness, BSoU??) screen and restarts, leave this to happen a couple of times and recovery mode boots which does not find or fix the problem. Set it back to IDE mode and everything works fine again.

    I have tried several registry hacks and had partial success, it booted and worked fine for a couple of restarts but then I got the BSoU again grr. Im not sure which hack it was that "kinda" worked.

    Anyone had success with this? Know which hack works? I know some were for rc/cp, rtm?

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    windows 8 pro x64

    i did fresh install with 8 pro from technet with no problems at all in AHCI mode. i believe there is no difference between pro and OEM as far as installing goes. maybe try a bios update for your motherboard
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    Could be worth a try, did you have to install drivers for AHCI mode? Mine wouldn't even start from the disk. Could I then restore a system image without it screwing up again?

    Thanks for the quick response.
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    windows 8 pro x64

    i did not have to install no drivers, just put install DVD in and started setup. done in about 5 minutes
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    windows 8 pro x64

    i see you have an X58 i seem to remember there being problems with gigabyte x58 boards and AHCI, try googling it
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    Windows 8

    Quote Originally Posted by mctonale View Post
    Could be worth a try, did you have to install drivers for AHCI mode? Mine wouldn't even start from the disk.

    Thanks for the quick response.
    Set your BIOS to the AHCI mode and install Windows 8 as normal. You do not need to do a "pre-install" of the AHCI drivers.
    After you've finished the install, load your Intel INF driver first, then install your Intel Rapid Storage Technology drivers (RST).

    You can use either the executable driver or point the SATA controller driver update setting to the folder containing just the drivers alone. Those are on the Intel website as the "Floppy Pre-install" driver download for RST.

    I have done this many times and it works splendidly. After you install the RST driver it will ask for a reboot and then again after the first reboot.

    I hope this helps you out.
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    No need to set bios to IDE mode, you can load the sata controller in setup:
    SATA Driver - Load in Windows 8 Setup
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    OK it may have been XHD mode stopping start-up, I fixed that by switching to RAID mode for the install then installing RST and switching it back.

    My sata 3 (with AHCI) is on the Marvell controller, my SSD is not Sandfarce so only speed problems. So should have nothing to do with the Intel drivers!?

    BIOS is already latest and it all worked fine in windows 7.

    Just creating an image backup so can try again to install with AHCI enabled.
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    Got it working now, Thanks guys.

    Reinstalled with AHCI mode set. Dunno why it wouldn't work when I first installed??
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AHCI mode windows 8 pro
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