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windows 8 stuck in repair cycle, no way out?!?!

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    windows 8 pro

    windows 8 stuck in repair cycle, no way out?!?!


    i have just spend 3 hours of reading on many forums and pages concerning my problem.
    I had windows 7 Ultimate and bought windows 8 pro (download). I burned the iso on a dvd and installed it as upgrade.
    PC was running smooth untill this morning. It refused to print something and after a while i decided to turn it off.
    when turned on it tell me it cannot start up. i can select any option i want but nothing works.
    Every option that requires the dvd, which is duly inserted, tells me the dvd is invalid and cannot be read.

    so i tried to change time in BIOS but no luck there.
    Also i suddenly have an extra user called ETB User (seems to be Easeus TODO Backup user but i don't know the password and i wonder if it would help if i had the password).

    Safe mode doesnot work. all i can get working is msdosbox but commands don't seem to work there.

    So who can help me out here?

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    Hello there!

    Well then, this is a problem. The DVD isn't read AT ALL? Even when you try to boot off of it?
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    I don't have that. Never seen easeus do that.
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    I have had the problem a few times, with fault finding in computers. You do not mention it, and forgive me for stating the obvious, but did you actually turn OFF the computer, before trying to boot up again to the DVD? Perhaps you should have a glance through the Bios, and make sure all appears standard - in particular, the boot sequence?
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    OK, i actually turned the PC off and even unplugged it's power before trying.
    checked the BIOS and all is OK there.
    All dvd/CD drives show normally in BIOS, but when i try booting from the DVD/CD drive (have 2, tried both) it tells me to insert the innstallation disk of windows 8. But it is in there, it is the same disc i used to install initially. i purchased this windows 8 pro online and burned the ISO.
    If i try factory restore or reset the pc it ask for the installation or repair DVD but again, it is inthere. reinserting doesnot help either.
    So i cannot do anything on the pc at this moment. Even the restore point i made just after the installation of windows 8 is not recognized so restoring doesnot help as it doesnot find any restore point. The ETB user concerned me at first but after some googling i found this is automaticly created by easeus to do backup. But it is password protected and every password i could have possibly created is invalid. so no way in on that account either. is there anywbody who knows how to solve this? It is our family PC filled with music, homework, and tonnes of photo's, luckily all on other internal HDD's but now unaccesible.
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    Do you have a different PC available to use at all?
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    I think ETB user must be to do with the central management console - I never use that.

    It can't be related to your inability to boot anything from dvd.
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    If you want to use your dvd to run commands on a read only drive type in
    Select disk 0 or 1 (what ever your drive number is)
    Type in
    attributes disk clear readonly
    This should work for commands.
    If you need to clear the password to access system. Need the ultimate boot disk it has a password reset/clear not sure if it works on 8. Just clear password don't reset. if you need to get all your files off of the drive that ultimate has a small xp version that can access your drive folders and back them up. Ebay has it for about $10.
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    @COKE ROBOT luckily i have a laptop and one of the kids has a netbook which i used to subscribe and post here.
    @SIW2, my thought too but it is strange this user is created and i don't have a password for it.
    @justmork, thanks, will try this tonight (at work now)
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    Hi easyq,

    Do you have any older Windows 7/Vista DVD/USB (or a Linux LiveCD)?

    Boot from that media (put DVD/CD/USB device first in BIOS boot order)
    and go to recovery console.
    Using recovery console delete the file "hiberfil.sys" from HDD.

    Reboot to HDD and see (if after deletiion of hiberfil.sys) clean boot is possible.
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windows 8 stuck in repair cycle, no way out?!?!
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