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file issues on windows 7+8 dual boot

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    windows 7 and 8 64bit

    file issues on windows 7+8 dual boot

    Hi all,

    have had windows 8 and 7 dual booting nicely for a week or so now thanks to 'theog' giving me a hand last week.

    I have noticed a bit of an issue though: i have both OS installed in an ssd and have docs etc located in a normal
    harddrive. Thing is, whilst i can access the files fine from Windows 8, if i then try to access the same files from
    windows 7, it keeps coming up saying the relevant section is unavailable. If i then manually go into the harddrive and
    access the folder, it comes up saying with an error:

    "you dont currently have permission to access this folder. click continue to permanently get access to this folder"

    click continue, and its fine until you next boot into windows 8 and then back into 7.

    I have added the 'location' into the docs properties of windows 7, also tried putting in new permissions and giving everybody full control, but this hasnt fixed the issue.

    Any assistance would be much appreciated.


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    I have not had a problem running W7 and W8 alternatively, but I do have the same user name for both systems

    When I first started W8 there was some message about getting file permissions.

    I did have difficulty running Vista and W7 alternatively, possibly because I used different names.
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    windows 7 and 8 64bit


    I don't recall getting any message about file permissions, and I even did full reinstalls of 7 and 8 just in case me messing about with the system had caused issues. Still no joy. And I have tried the same username and different usernames.
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file issues on windows 7+8 dual boot
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