I've searched the net, but I found no other English article about that issue so far. Thought, I let this community partizipate into my findings.

What's the beef?

Although Windows 8 Pro doesn't supports Windows To Go, some users in German MS Answers Forum reported issues with "Windows To Go workspace".

  • Some receives the notification, that Windows store can't install Apps in a Windows To Go environment.
  • And I had a case, where a user reported, that Windows 8 freezes and reboots, after he removed a no name USB thumb drive from system. During reboot he got a message, that Windows To Go media may be removed after shutdown.

Needless to say: All thouse users are running Windows 8 Pro - and the error messages doen't make sense.

After a long investigation we found the reason (with some help from MS support) and we examinded a cure. I've documented it in a short article linked below.

Maybe it saves (some gray hairs and) a lot of time struggeling with this bug / feature

1: Windows 8: A cure for To Go Workspace Bug « Borns IT- & Windows-Blog

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