I have Windows 7 Ultimate x86 PC, and I want to updgrade to Windows 8 Pro x86.
I have full Win8 installation with serial key etc. When I run installation (setup) from Windows 7, i have a 2 options:

1. Upgrade Windows 7 to Windows 8 (keep all files, settings, apps etc.)

2.Custom Install (Install Win8 on other Hard Drive, Delete current windows)

I want to upgrade my current windows, but on my computer i have installed lots of video games, lots of programs, apps.

If I upgrade, will I have to re-install, re-activate my games and programs or I will I be able to play games and run software, watch videos, read texts immediately after upgrade?

One more question. I have AMD Radeon HD 7770, are there any drivers for it in Windows 8? And will I have to reinstall all computer drivers after upgrade or not?

Thanks in advance!