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Is this safe and genuine file.

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    Is this safe and genuine file.

    I had trouble installing office 2010 to Windows 8. I called Microsoft Office help # I got from the net. (Sorry I don't have that #) They wanted to use program called "Team Viewer" to connect to my computer. I let him do it because I have Team Viewer in my computer and figured that I can see what he is doing. So this person seems not able to do anything helpful and says that they are not trained on Windows 8 and are only for office help. I am worried that this was fake site and they try to get people to install same malicious stuff into their computer. He didn't do anything suspicious, just looked around about my desktop and installed programs and since install didn't work there was no office in programs even though Icons are on the desktop for office programs, after that we hung up.

    Then I phoned 866-234-6020. But after first call I was really worried that this might not to be genuine. Right away she wants to remote connect to my computer. I just wanted her to tell me what to do but she didn't seem to be very experienced but finally I got her to do something like going to registry and removing office stuff.
    After several steps and going to safe mode she wanted me to put file in my registry, I wonder if this is safe file?
    I have attached the file here "MSIsafe7.reg" I was too worried and decided to end there without installing file.
    Seems that looking into internet that phone # is for genuine Microsoft help. These days you can't be too sure
    Is this safe and genuine file. Attached Files

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    I suggest first of all you run a whole computer virus scan. If you do not have a software for this download AVG antivirus free of charge from

    Secondly do you know what website you got this number from? Yes it's true some fake sites may attempt to instal malicious software on your compute however I'm doubtful that they would use a functional phone line as part of the scam. But you can never be too sure

    Find out what the website was from looking at your web browsers history and post it here. Virus scan first though as this is essential when there is a possibility of threat.
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    Why do you attach this files ? I hope no one will download this.
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    File is a reg file you can look at it. Any experienced used knows that and I don't think anybody who don't know what to do would download it.
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    I was hoping that there would be somebody experienced enough about reg files to look at it and tell me what it would do.
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    Here is the code for the above file. It looks OK to me, but I'm sure someone with a better insight into this sort of thing will be able to confirm one way or the other.
    Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00
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Is this safe and genuine file.
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