Hey all,

I went out and bought a Hp touchsmart 520 yesterday, purchased windows 8 for $40. My first attempt to install it was via the installation assitant. After being asked for my birth date; The OS attempted to complete intallling itself and gave out an error saying "Windows could not complete the installation. To install windows on this computer, restart the installation".
After this happened I took the time to create a partition on my hard drive, chose to create a DVD with Windows 8 on it and began the process over again. However the same error occured at the same point of the process. Also I would like to note that within the menus of the installation (where you choose a color for personalization) I noticed my touch screen had stopped working while in the installation menus.

Getting this resolved is crucial for me. Can anyone provide some assiatance? Also, if there isnt a work around yet for this PC. Can I get a refund for my digital download of Windows 8?

Thanks in advance.