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Windows 8 Hangs/Freezes Splash Screen

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    Windows 7

    Yes one of the other guys on this thread said they will talk to MS Support so I'm eagerly waiting for his update

    Please do try the USB method and let me know how it goes

    I have posted this thread onto Microsoft technet Aswell so I will let you know if I get any solutions there!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by techimnot View Post

    Oboy, last time I did the refresh I had to format and reinstall. But for the sake of science I will forge ahead.
    Restarting @ 9:41
    Change to AHCI
    Splash Screen
    rebooting on its own
    splash screen
    automatic repair
    diagnosing your pc
    checking disk for errors. This might take over an hour
    Attempting repairs (time: 9:49)
    Still attempting repairs at 10:00, been here before. Will let this run for awhile, but if memory serves me, it will tell me it could not repair
    I'll get back to to this thread later
    OK, failed to repair
    Advanced options
    Insert Windows Install Media
    All ready to go
    Hitting refresh
    Refreshing your PC (7%) 10:18am hung here for 5 mins
    Refreshing your PC (29%) 10:23am
    Refreshing your PC (91%) 10:28am
    Ahhh ha ha, totally screwed up. Can't boot nothing. Restoring system image.
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    Use RESET.
    3)Reset Windows 8
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    Windows 8.1 64 bit

    My installation interrupted and froze 4 times until I realised that the HDMI cable from PC to the TV, making the latter the primary screen which stops installation.
    Once removed .. no problem
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    Windows 7

    Hi Thanx but I'm not using a hdmi connection, just a humble flat screen monitor display
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    Windows 8.1 64 bit

    What video card are you using ?
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    Windows 7

    ATI radeon XPRESS 200 series!

    According to Microsoft windows 8 upgrade assistant my video card is compatible.
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    Windows 7

    I have just tried to now install windows 8 using USB. And...


    No luck. -_-
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    Windows XP

    I am having troubles that broadly match this... Upgrading from legit Windows XP SP3.
    ECS P35T-A, AMI v2.61, Core 2 Duo E6750.

    A) The $40 upgrade doesn't allow you to make media, so I install via the assistant. Install needs to reboot ("Preparing 0-100%"), reboots again, then spins forever. [DOESN'T WORK]
    B) Re-downloaded from a Windows 7 laptop. Let's me create an iso / usb bootdisk. Using the USB key on the XP computer, it stalled immediately with a blue window and no spinner. [DOESN'T WORK]
    C) Retried (A) now after disabling legacy USB completely, disconnecting an external USB HDD. [DOESN'T WORK]
    D) Burned the ISO to DVD. Nothing at first, then a spinner... WORKING!!
    E) The system is dual boot with Ubuntu. Would have tried wiping that bootloader / partition to restore typical windows boot. [not necessary]

    Holy crap guys! I get to choose an install language!! Circles appeared at 30s, real GUI at 45s.Will keep following this path, report if it fails... Actually, I'm a scientist. For the greater good, I cancelled the install. The Legacy USB had been on "Auto" this time. I rechecked -- it works as well for Legacy USB "Enabled". Ok... so it's not that. Was I just imagining the failure of the USB key? Retrying that now. Nothing after 10m, though the key's access light is flashing.

    Lesson: the Upgrade Assistant seems to be a false path for installing from XP. Find a newer OS, create a DVD ISO, install from that.
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    Windows 7

    Please update us on whether this works. Thanks
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Windows 8 Hangs/Freezes Splash Screen
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