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Two Windows 8 installations. Need help to remove the corrupt one.

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    Windows 8 Pro 32 bit

    Two Windows 8 installations. Need help to remove the corrupt one.

    Apologies if this is covered elsewhere, if so please redirect me. In a nutshell, when I boot my Thinkpad x200s it offers me two OSes to boot into:" Windows 8 (on volume 1)" and "Windows 8". The "Windows 8" installation is corrupt (explained below) and I need help to get rid of it.

    After installing Windows 8, I decided to add Ubuntu 12.04 to my laptop. I used a live boot USB stick to install this. I shrank the main volume in Win 8 Disk management and then created the necessary partitions using the Ubuntu USB.

    After a short while I decided to remove Ubuntu (don't ask! :-O). I used Windows Disk Management to remove the partitions, but then came up against the problem of reactivating the MBR, so the laptop would boot into the Win8 installation. I used some Ubuntu Terminal Scripting I found suggested on the web and this allowed Win 8 to boot but only as far as an error screen that told me that a file (Winload.exe) was missing or corrupted. There are on-screen options to refresh the PC and I have Win 8 recovery media but when I click these buttons the screen blinks and stays the same.

    I then used the Windows 8 Installation DVD, that I created when I initially installed Win8, to reinstall the OS. This led to me having the option to boot into two different installations of Win8 (as mentioned at the start) one of which is corrupted.

    I deleted the Win.old folder, hoping this would fix things. This freed up disk space but the laptop still offers me the choice of two Win 8 installations. If I try to start the corrupt Win 8 I get the same error screen.

    I want the laptop to just boot straight into the functional Win 8 and remove the option to boot into the broken installation. Currently I hibernate my system so turning off takes me straight back into the good installation.

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    Take look at Option Three in the tutorial below, you can choose, or delete

    Startup Options - Choose a Default OS to Run at Startup in Windows 8
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    Fan-tastic. Thanks theog, that was ridiculously painless (unlike Linux, ha ha :-) and worked a treat. I just deleted the offending article and it is no more.
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    You are welcome, well done.
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    a clean install of windows may solve your problem but it needs to back up your data (even the other drives of computer) in to an external hard disk or some other removable media. to do a clean install follow the steps
    1- back up important data if any
    2- turn off the system and insert your windows 8 cd then boot from cd
    3- when you are prompt to install the windows 8 press shift + f10 command prompt will appear
    4- now type in diskpart
    5- list disk list of disk connect or in the computer will appear to identify your hard disk see the size and remember the disk no. usually it will be 0, 1, 2, 3 etc
    6- now select your internal hard drive by typing the command select disk "no. of the disk" without double cots then the command prompt will display that the disk "no. of disk is the select disk"
    7- now type the command select disk "no.of c drive" to select the c drive you can identify your c drive only by looking at its size
    8- now type in "clean" this command will clean every thing on your c drive and may be the hard disk that the c drive is part of
    9- now type exit and close the command prompt
    10- now you will be left with some unallocoted space format it with ntfs file system and install your os (win 8)
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    Hi there
    Glad you fixed your problem -- however if you want to run painlessly Linux again why not create a LIVE version on a USB stick -- that way your Windows disks will not be touched nor will things like GRUB / other boot managers get in the way.

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Two Windows 8 installations. Need help to remove the corrupt one.
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