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Dual Boot?

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    Quote Originally Posted by chev65 View Post
    So per the Op's original question, yes it is possible and it will work and no the Msoft police won't break your door down if you dual boot, but by definition it's illegal and goes against the Eula. Ok got it now.

    Just say NO to Piracy

    Plus, anyone promoting such illegal activities here at Eight Forums will be permanently banned as per the forum rules.

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    I'm not promoting the piracy as per the just "say no statement" , but there is a legal way to do this.

    Lets say the Op has at least two Windows 7 activations, one is tossed and not used as per the Eula, the other is installed to the second partition. You are now dual booting with the 40 dollar version of Windows 8 and a still legal copy of Windows 7.

    So really the Op only needs a second activated copy of Windows 7 in order to do this legally, correct?

    He may have more than one key he can use but who knows.
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    Oh, I know. I just wanted to make that clear to help prevent anyone from getting banned for unknown piracy or illegal discusions.

    Correct. That, or buy a system builder copy of Windows 8.
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    Okay, thankyou.
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    Glad we could help.
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Dual Boot?
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