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    Quote Originally Posted by SIW2 View Post
    No, it doesn't - I am already quite familiar with the other editions - I am not looking for features - I like to have control - you used to get that with Windows - now you don't.

    It simply is not Your PC any more.

    That is the problem with win8 - not the kiddie Ui.
    It's your physical PC hardware or device. You own it. Technically you don't own the OS. You bought the license to use it. You continue to have the choice to use it or not on your device.

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    My God! We're getting much closer to a Clockwork Orange with this guy around. If I say any more, Dwarf will Ban me from this site and I'm beginning to like it here. Feels like Purple Haze.
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    Quote Originally Posted by killswitch View Post
    My God! We're getting much closer to a Clockwork Orange with this guy around. If I say any more, Dwarf will Ban me from this site and I'm beginning to like it here. Feels like Purple Haze.
    You're just a rolling ball of fire, aren't you?!!

    Just who were you referring to?
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    I was referring to the gifted insight about the License being bought and paid for but not owned. I suppose this is why I run loose and fast with MSFT . I'm a Track Star - time to lace 'em up.
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    I only have two complaints.

    1. A clean install should be mandatory. I tried an upgrade install from Windows 7 64 bit and my computer was sluggish and Media Center didn't work properly (couldn't access program guide). Once I did a clean install everything worked fine.

    2. This happened after 4 days of uptime: I had a memory low dialog appear last night. I had about 10 tabs opened in Chrome, Microsoft Store and Mail. I opened Task manager and it showed that I had 11.1 GB of 11.2 GB of pagefile committed. I have 3GB of actual RAM and it also was showing all in use. I restarted and opened the same apps and tabs and it pagefile was at 1.7/11.2 and RAM usage was at 1.4/3.0.
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    Ok, killswitch. Wasn't sure of your connotation to Clockwork Orange. One could read it to be negative, whether it be the book or the British security services project in Northern Ireland. On the positive aspect it could mean the freedom of choice between good and evil. I'll take it you meant the latter.

    Thanks for the positive comment on the insight. I'm no lawyer, but I have read and understood EULAs for quote some time. Let's make this clear and correct me if I'm wrong. MS creates and owns their software. One purchases the license for the "right" to use the software. Just as one buys a license to drive their vehicle on the public automobile infrastructure. One doesn't own the infrastructure, but purchases the "right" to use the infrastructure.

    Therefore, one does not own the OS. MS or anyone can create a product any way they see fit. It's called free enterprise. They create and peddle their wares and consumers have a choice whether to buy the right to use it or the actual tangible product itself.

    I've been on this forum for some time to read most of the positive and negative comments and opinions of 8. A whole spectrum of them. Anywhere from "I love this OS!" to "I hate this OS". Members have every right to express their opinions, certainly. One can squawk all they want to get MS's attention, but I don't think it will do any good. 8 is what it is. No more, no less.

    MS has taken away choices to create a "leaner", faster, and more importantly a more user-friendly OS, which has been their goal since day one and what has made them the success they are IMO.
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    Agreed. MSFT is a glorified monopoly which is now beginning to assert a control factor into its product in a most unsettling way. That's why I tried Linux and Ubuntu for awhile. When I hadda jump thru hoops to enable my Realtek WLAN to become enabled
    on their Distros, I went back and tried Win8 on for size. However, if you backtrack into this thread and find the spot where some noodnick calls me a Troll and I get a polite Staff Notice from Dwarf to watch my tone of voice, I scratch my head and wonder. What I said to that woman was as smooth as the day is long. Goodday.
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    Maybe a few more realistic complaints will make this thread more fun.

    Just don't try to install any of the Windows Live Essentials stuff guys. Because in order to install the Live Essential stuff you also need to install the old .NET framework BS which by the way, COMPLETELY HOSES YOUR OP SYSTEM, missing files, drivers and the personal Homegroup icons disappear from explorer and sfc/scannow can't or won't fix it.

    So because of this NO Windows Messenger in desktop mode, NO POP 3 server for Outlook mail at all, not to mention you can't set up a POP email server in the mail App which is ridiculous. None of this happened in the CP, so what good is having a Consumer Preview when it loses basic functionality in the final release?
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    I don't quite see it as a monopoly as much as it was shrewd business decisions coinciding with good products. Was it really MS's fault OEMs sold so many machines with Windows loaded? I'm of the opinion that it wasn't. Obviously others saw different, like the lovely U.S. government. It seems since then MS has been losing market share, so they're taking a big chance with 8 and the hardware business end. Perhaps in the future they won't need the OEMs then therefore no monopoly. Sounds to me like some more shrewd business decisions, eh?

    So far as infractions are concerned. I had one early on. I had to step back and look at my attitude. I was wrong. I simply had to take a more mature approach. I wish you the best of luck!
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    1. MS used to use "It's Your PC" as an ad slogan.

    That was largely true. It is why many slightly more advanced users used windows in preference to Apple. They could make it do the things they want. They invested a lot of time and effort learning about it - in many cases, helping out on Forums and defending Windows to Apple users.

    That is no longer the case - it is no longer "Your PC". MS have taken away control. It is a very big change. Most users who click/jab at the screen may not be aware of it.

    2. MS have allegedly over 90% of the market. By any sensible definition that is a monopoly.

    Most people do not have a choice - Linux is a non starter, and they don't have $1200 (UK prices ) for a macbook.
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